Jun 28, 2024by tracey Comments

My mother, who despite her worldly life was not a font of useful wisdom, though she did have one wise saying I relied on.

She used to say, “you must always know when it’s time to leave the party.”

Party applied to many things. Being the party lover she was, it originated that at a certain point in every evening there is no more fun to be had. Only trouble can lie ahead, so best to go home. I followed this rule and consequently had few incidents of staying at a party too long.

But she also applied it to jobs. Relationships. Marriages. It was a kind of plug in for – it’s time to exit the scene.  The party is over.  And it’s important to know when that time is.

This is extraordinary as she was a woman of excess in so many ways. But she even applied this to the end of her life.  She let me know it was time to leave the party of living. She wanted to exit.  And she did.

As much as I adored Ruth Bader Ginsberg, she did not know when it was time to leave the party. And thanks to what I think was her big ego and a certain narcissism, she stayed on and consequently we are stuck with right wing nutjob, anti- abortionist, Amy Coney Barret.  Who is helping to take women back fifty years.

Ruth’s unwillingness to leave the party tainted much of what she spent her lifetime accomplishing.

Last night’s humiliation of a debate made it all too evident that both candidates need to leave the party.

One of them needs his invitation snatched away.  But sadly, his fellow revelers do not have the balls to tell him to go home. The fact that convicted felon Donald J. Trump can even run for president of what is supposedly the most powerful nation on earth is so horrendous it takes my breath away,

I don’t care if he walked on that stage with the oratory skills of Obama and the New Deal map of FDR, he is a convicted felon.

The man has fifty-seven felony charges against him.  And he has been found guilty on thirty-four thus far.   If he wins, he could serve from jail.  His vice president may end up being his probation officer.  I wrote movies for 28 years and you can’t make this stuff up.

I’m not going into what he’s done, lies he has told, or the lies he told last night.

The man is a felonious, sociopathic liar. Who is already  a convicted felon.

I keep repeating it as I don’t think people grasp it. They fail to understand what an enormous mark against one a felony conviction is.

Unfortunately, as you now know, my husband was brought up on four cooked up felony charges, that were deemed malicious prosecution by Judge.

Despite that victorious conclusion to a hellacious situation, we have suffered and to a certain degree continue to suffer.  Just being brought up on charges, forget being found guilty, makes so many things in life impossible, I cannot begin to tell you.

You cannot get a liquor license.  Seems minor. Glenn was not out to precure one. His plan B was not if this goes south, I will open a bar. But Trump could lose his in Florida. Felons are not allowed to vote in most states. THEY CAN’T VOTE FOR THE PRESIDENT, but you can be the president.  Just spend two minutes pondering the lunacy of that.

Most banks do not want to do business with you, while you are under indictment, forget being found guilty.

Global Entry. Sounds minor.  Saving time at customs.  During the twenty months Glenn was under malicious prosecution, our Global Entry expired.  I could reup mine online.  Not him. His was revoked.  To get it back he must go to Homeland Security with all of his paperwork that shows his case was thrown out of court and he was Maliciously Prosecuted.

What does that mean if DJT is reelected?  IF he is allowed to leave the country, (they often take away your passport when you are convicted of felonies) will he have to go stand in the long line at JFK?

But, he may not be traveling so much as convicted felons are banned from thirty-seven countries. Maybe why he takes such a strong stance against NATO.  They won’t let him come to meetings anymore.

How’s this, convicted felons are not allowed to enter the United States. But they are allowed to run it?

Forget every other heinous thing about him. The pussy grabbing. The endless insults. The Georgia election rigging. The insurrection.  Just focus on he has already been found guilty and is a card-carrying member of the convicted felons club.

Donald Trump does not belong in this race. He belongs behind bars. The fact we live in a country where enough people have so few operating brain cells, they think he makes us safer is beyond comprehension.  The idea they overlook the facts of what being a convicted felon really means just – makes me want to move to Portugal. And I don’t even love it in Portugal. It’s nice for a week but…..

When he said I can stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone and my base won’t leave me, he knew what he was talking about.  What we didn’t count on- his base would only grow.

And what is scarier, is people who have common sense, who did not vote for him the first or second time around, are looking at him like well, at least he can string his sentences together.

My dog groomer can do that too. I think we should throw his name in the ring. My Pilates teacher, very articulate. WTF people. Where is your  common sense?

Even if I’d been the biggest MAGA follower in the country, which we know I was not, this would make me stop and say, NO America, we cannot have a convicted, lying felon back in the White House.  Just say NO – GOP. Grow a pair, find someone else. I would vote for a Republican at this point, if he were the right candidate.

But we are so weak and confused and divided a country we cannot stand up for what is right anymore.

Why can he be allowed to run for president, when someone else who is a convicted felon cannot vote? Because like so many of the other archaic rules we cling to as our Democracy sinks like the Titanic, it’s not in the Constitution.

That Constitution needs to be ripped up from one end to another and tossed into a bonfire. And if not ripped up entirely, then it needs to be modified and revisited and big parts redone.  Starting with the Second Amendment, which was based on muskets not AK47s. The electoral college which was meant to suppress the black vote. But we still seem to be doing that in many other ways.

The French, not always the most practical of folks and tipping to the far right at this moment too, are on their fifth version of their Constitution. They will not alter one ingredient in the croissant, but at least they will revisit the document that sets the rules for their governance.

Take away his invitation. It is time for Trump to leave the party.

That brings us to Joe.  Last night was a heartbreaker of a night,  if you are a Democrat.  If you like Joe which many do. If you are deep down rooting for him as the only choice is a felon or the craziest Kennedy to be born, and that is saying something.

It is time for Joe to leave the party.  I hate to say it. Write on this page. Own its truth. But last night we did see an old man, who is only going to get older.

And frankly if last night was any indication of his daily stamina, memory, and ability to put thoughts in cohesive order, I would not want him babysitting my kids, much less running the country.

 It’s a stressful job. God knows everyone goes in looking pretty good, well Trump didn’t, but they all come out having aged 15 years even if they only served one term.

I think he was handed a mess of a country and a world. He put his nose to the grindstone, and he worked quietly and diligently and he had no scandals or departures in his administration.

Sure, Afghanistan was a disaster. But it always is. Do you know what the word for disaster is in Afghan?  It’s Afghanistan. No one on the planet has been able to make it work. Not the Russians. Not the English. Not the Indians. No one. So, Joe got us out.  Last night he forgot thirteen soldiers were killed,.  But he has a lot on his plate. And let’s face it, he’s just not that with it.

I think the whole Hunter trial has had a terrible effect on him. How could it not?

He’s lived a very long full life. The guy has been in politics for fifty-four years without a break.  He has earned a house on the beach, and chance to improve his golf game.

President of the United States under normal times, if there is such a thing is the most stressful job on the planet.

I think for someone of his age who took on what he did, he did a decent job.

The immigrants. I don’t know. I think DeSantos and Greg Abbott screwed up that more than Biden did.

He was not counting on Ukraine. October 7th.

And let me take this moment to speak to my fellow Jews, why you think for two seconds Trump cares about us, is insane.

He let the dogs out baby. He let them out in Charlottesville. And he has a dog whistle that he blows and the antisemites follow. I’ve been a Jew for sixty-six years and I have never witnessed the antisemitism that has come to life, since he appeared on the scene.  He gave all racists and xenophobes and Antisemites free reign to let their hate flags fly. And if you think moving that Embassy was indicative of  his true feelings you are nuts. He did it because very rich American Jews paid him to. And I have family members whom I love, but they believe this horseshit too.

People say, he has Jewish grandchildren. My parents had Jewish parents and Jewish children and they were both antisemites.

Back to Sleepy Joe.  He is not just sleepy, he is exhausted.  He’s dead tired, guys.

 He is eighty-one years old. He has suffered in ways few have. He has governed for his entire life. He has buried two children and now may have to watch one enter prison.

He is too old to have to help unravel Israel and Gaza. Referee Zelensky and Putin.  Deal with China and Marjorie Taylor Green.

 He deserves a break. What was clear last night, was he is just too old to do this for four more years. He could not get through one debate.

Give yourself a break Joe.  You have served your country. You have served it well. And despite what the ignorant say, you were there when a very broken country needed you. And you helped to get us over the COVID hump.  You governed with dignity and perseverance and temperance.

Enjoy what years you have left. Hang with Jill. Take the grandkids to Machu Pichu. You won’t run into Trump, Peru does not allow felons in.   Take them to Hawaii too, kids love Hawaii. Make some lovely family memories. You’ve had too much family tragedy for one guy.

Just give yourself a couple years of peace. You’ve earned it.

And unlike RBG do not let your ego or false sense of keeping up the front of youth force you to stay at the party too long. It will not help your legacy. It will only hurt it.

As much as I hate to see you go – It’s time to leave the party Joe.

If anyone were to ask me what to do. And god knows no one will. I say we stop the election in November.  We take a year and find some younger candidates, without criminal records and with a little more energy and memory and do this right.

Otherwise we are really, truly….fucked.