Nov 26, 2023by tracey Comments

I hate to do this.  Didn’t I say that last year?

I have given you so little content the last nineteen months. But as I keep promising, I will make up for it once I can. I will spill so much tea, you guys will be drowning in the stuff.

However, in the meantime another Christmas is upon us. And this one brings more need. More cold people. More houseless people. More hungry children.  More desperation of every sort.

New York Cares has already had one hundred and fifty thousand requests for coats.  That is all time record.

Thanks to many of you, I have for many years now been the number two coat collector in the entire city. Last year I collected a record amount even for me. And again came in number two after Evercore.

Five hundred and twenty eight coats and 5280 hot meals is what we all were able to donate to New York Cares.

I would like to out do that this year. But I  know it may not be possible. Though never say impossible is what I have learned.

The rules remain the same.  Twenty five dollars buys one new coat and ten hot meals.

The last two years I only did new coats and  kid’s coats. This year I am opening it back up to adult coats and I am accepting lightly used coats.

Since the worst of COVID is behind us and we know you cannot get it from a coat, New York Cares is accepting used coats again too.

Personally if you can swing it, I prefer the money as it buys the meals and being warm is beyond important, but being fed is a matter of life and death.

I know there are a lot of outstretched hands coming at you this time of year.  I know that inflation has and continues to take a big bite out of discretionary and all other funds.

But, this is so worthwhile and $25.00 makes a huge difference in someones life.  Maybe even life and death.

So please donate what you can, if you can.  And I will do what I always do, whenever anyone asks me for one of their causes I am there.


I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Black Friday! And Consider this officially  Coat Drive Monday


This is where I am now.. Can I get to 20K???????  🤞