That Time of the Year

Dec 12, 2022by tracey Comments

I feel rather awkward doing this.

I know I have been MIA for some time now.  And while that is intentional, it’s not permanent.

Unfortunately, I am unable to write about some of the things I would like to.  But that will change in time. You just have to bear with me here.

In light of my absence I felt and continue to feel uncomfortable asking for favors from anyone.  However, as most of you who follow me know, The New York Cares Coat Drive is my favorite project of the year.

Thanks to the support of many I have been able to come in number two in collected funds and coats for many years. It always gets down to the same two names, Evercore and me.

Evercore, of course, is a multi billion dollar company. I am only me. And a me who has been a bit of recluse of late. That being said, this year again, by only going through Instagram and people I am really close to, I am yet again number two behind Evercore.

I was planning to stop last week.  I cut my goal in half this year. In light of life in general and inflation I felt I did not want to punch above my present weight and fail.

Failing is not something I like to do.

So, I took my goal down to ten thousand dollars and I got there. Ahead of schedule.  But unfortunately, due to the environment, New York Cares is behind in their goal at the moment. Which means that too many will go without a coat or those ten hot meals  $25.00 buys.

In fact I just got an email from them saying please don’t stop. We need to reach our goal this year and we are not yet there.

This year especially with inflation being what it is –  Any of you been to a market lately. OMG – more people than ever are in dire need.

So, if you are so inclined, and understand that I have gone radio silent for reasons beyond my control and nothing to do with my attachment to writing and truth telling, I would be eternally grateful for anything you can give.

It’s cheeky, no doubt, to show up in your inbox after seven months of silence with my hat in my hand. But this is for those in need. It has nothing to do with me or anything personal. It’s all New York Cares. And I care deeply about New York Cares.

Because even in times of personal challenges I am still so very blessed.

And my need to give back is even more intense.

I thank you in advance.

I hope you and your families are well.

We are presently all down with COVID. We managed to get through two years without it. But it seems to be all over the place now.

I will say it’s not as bad as stories I have heard and things I have witnessed. Which goes to show, even if you don’t believe int them,  the vaccinations do help with the symptoms.

We all thought we had bad colds for about three days. And we kept testing negative. Until I didn’t.
And the doctor said, one of you has it, you all have it.

So do be careful and try stay healthy while you enjoy your holidays. And know that giving is truly better than receiving.

xoxox T