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I guess you didn’t expect I could let this week’s Royal fireworks go by without weighing in.

I feel the need to preface my thoughts with a disclaimer, which people might read in the opposite way it’s intended.

In our suddenly woke world, I fear in some instances, we have swung so far in the other direction, it makes many forms of self-expression difficult.

Lucy told me that if I disagreed with Meghan Markel in any way, I would be labeled a racist.  I have never been labeled a racist. I know I am not, so I am willing to say what I feel.

I  just watched Sheron Osbourne get called a racist because she said Piers Morgan was her friend. For the record, I can’t stand Sharon Osbourne as she attacked me on “The Talk.”

Don’t go looking for it, it was in the (blessedly) never aired pilot. But I suddenly found myself sympathizing with her.

Let’s go with you disagree with me on something I write. Many do. Some write in and tell me off in very strident ways. Last week my character was personally attacked by a reader .

At one time I used to be very put off by this. I would write back and just eviscerate anyone who attacked me.

But time and age and the death of my parents has taught me a lot. And I can now just toss those in the trash and move on and know just because you say so does not make it true.

But I never think that if someone disagrees with me, they are an anti-Semite because I am a Jew.

I was talking to a friend today. He happens to be gay, and he feels the way I do that in some cases,  it’s gone too far. Nobody can say anything about anything without getting in troubled or being labeled.

I said to him, if you don’t agree with everything I say and do, this does not make you an anti-Semite. And if I disagree with anything you say or do it does not make me homophobic.

We are going to have to allow for an in between position in our discourses about some things to allow us to move needles forward. If we don’t people will find themselves even more separate than they do now.

Obviously not where abuse, brutality, cruelty, exclusion and many other things are involved, but in normal discourse I can disagree with a French person and it does not mean I hate the French.

Then, there are those who are suddenly so woke they just skid to the other side on a greasy surface that makes them come off as totally insincere and slimy.

Anyone who has listened to Tina Brown attack  the Monarchy in the last forty-eight hours might understand what I mean. Nobody in magazine publishing could be accused of more white privilege promoting, courting Titles, brown nosing upper class English society and adoration of The Monarchy than Tina Brown.

Go look at Tatler under her, Vanity Fair under her, and now overnight you’d think she spent her life as an inner-city schoolteacher.   This is wrong and makes her look totally insincere.

Either you live your life by certain principles, or you don’t. It’s pretty basic. And truth and honesty are paramount. Along with kindness and humility.

Meghan Markel lost me in the very beginning of her telethon when she said she never googled Harry’s family and knew nothing about them.

She NEVER googled them????

I google the plumber before he gets here.  Nobody has a date in this era without googling, much less a Royal. And when she said she never knew anything about them.  Who believes that?

She was thirty-four when she met him.  She had lived in the Common Wealth Canada for years.  No woman of that age in the Western World  does not know who the Royal Family is unless they have  been abducted by a cult and  locked in garage somewhere for their entire lives. It’s preposterous.

So, if you start out not telling the truth, why would people believe anything else you say?

Of course, she googled him. She knew she was going off to dinner with him. He was the most eligible man in the world.

So ixnay on the no ooglegay.

In fact, as the story goes, she had been having drinks with Piers Morgan right before she went off to have dinner with Harry. What do you think she and Piers talked about that night?

And as the story continues, one of the reasons Piers had it in for her was they had apparently been quite good friends – Or friends in that pseudo way  celebrities befriend each other.  And after that night, the night she locked eyes with Prince Harry she never spoke to Piers again.

One reason given is she knew she was not supposed to talk to the press while dating a Royal. Kind of says she did know some of the rules out of the gate.

Apparently Piers was hurt. Hurt in that way celebrities are hurt when people put their own interests ahead of friendship.

Then Meghan claimed  she never read the press. She was surprised when Oprah referred to Megxit, like she had never heard it before. One of the main things she meant by “they were not being protected” was she wanted the Firm, aka the Family to stop the press from saying bad things about her: Even when she was apparently abusing the staff. But how did she know what they were saying if she never followed the press?

Well, the press says bad things about all of them.

She should have sat down and chatted with Camilla who spent forty years being bashed by the English press.

They should not have shamed her for being dark skinned or made racist comments. It’s wrong no matter what way you look at it.  And while cruel and unjust they are tabloids.  That is sadly what they often do.

This country is hypocritical as you cannot say certain things, but you can kill a man for being Black.  The Brits are a mess and we are fucked up. It’s impossible to defend anyone’s behavior on these matters.

Let’s go to Charles and Camilla, they couldn’t get married because Camilla had dated. Not been married. Not been divorced. Dated. And The Firm didn’t want any “surprises” to pop up.

Not sure what they meant by that, but shows you how controlling the Royal Family is. And  Camilla’s family was close enough to the Royals that when she married Tom Parker Bowles, the Queen Mother was in attendance.

So, Charles who  loved Camilla his entire life from the moment he saw her was forced to marry Diana because she came from a good family and was a virgin. And we saw how that turned out.

I’m not sure what Meghan, a seasoned 34- year-old was expecting.

She was an actress.  On TV.  Not even good TV.  She was divorced. She was kind of on the old side for a first-time bride to a Prince.  And yes, she was a person of color. Those are all things the Royal Family was bound to have some issues with.

Is it right? No. Is the world changing? We hope. Has it completely? No.

I’m not sure why everyone is slack jawed.

Now, onto another problem I have, she claims they took her passport, her car keys and her driver’s license.

If you go back and look, Diana was always having  lunch at San Lorenzo  throughout her reign. She went to Harvey Nichols shopping. She drove the boys to school. She drove her Jaguar  to the gym. There are endless photos of Diana behind the wheel.

Even now one sees Kate scooting about in a  Range Rover. The Queen drives herself around Scotland. William drives. Charles drives, Camilla drives. They all drive. Prince Harry flies helicopters.

Did they just pick Meghan out and say no vehicles for you? Google her and you can find her driving in the UK. I think in the beginning she didn’t know how to drive on the other side of the road. I know I don’t.

I do not believe they told her you cannot go out, you cannot drive, you cannot shop. You are to be locked inside. Photographic history of other Royals disputes this.

Archie’s lack of a princely  title  she attributes to his color. This is also a questionable  declaration for two reasons. If she is using racism, he is white. Totally. But more importantly, he  apparently does not get a title until Queen Elizabeth dies and he is the grandchild of the King. Right now, he is the great grandchild of the Queen.

Only Wlliam’s kids have titles  as they are in direct succession to the crown.

I feel there is so much misleading information that is geared to tip this towards racism. While some of it is true, some of it appears not.

Do I think racism exists in the Royal Household? Of course. Is it OK.  Absolutely not.   But everything exclusionary exists there. It’s a non real world world.  Which is why they are so inbred they all have those Dumbo ears.

It’s not a healthy way to be emotionally or physically but it’s the way they do it. And most Brits love it. And Meghan clearly wanted to be a part of it.  Until she didn’t.

I personally am an anti- Royalist.

I have always felt they should disband the Royal system altogether. It’s antiquated and deeply prejudiced against anything other than itself.

My mother was a great Royalist. She was forever pimping me off to Dukes and Earls and Counts and was longing for one of them to swoop me off my feet, so she could say “My daughter the Duchess.”   She was very clever and did this when I was quite young and desirable.

I would constantly find myself at Annabel’s seated next to Earl so and so and mom just really pimping the hell out of me.  I never wanted it. I would tell her so.

And let’s face it, they were never going to marry a Jewish girl from an undistinguished family from Southern California.

It was mom’s fantasy. And mom was a little nuts at times.

Which leads me to the claim people seem to be hanging everything on – her mental health.

I can’t say one way or another what she felt.  Was she truly suicidal?  I don’t know.

Because she constructed so many parts of her story to suit her needs, I am not sure. Having suffered from depression, I get it.  And if one is suffering one needs help. If she was denied that help, it’s wrong.

I have been in therapy on and off since Carter was in office.

But she was an actress, do you think she never had a shrink?  She came from a broken home in Hollywood. She never had a shrink?  I find it hard to imagine she didn’t know a shrink she could have called if the Palace refused to help her.

Not to mention in her mother Doria’s Wikipedia it says “an American former makeup artist, business owner, yoga instructor, and social worker who worked in the mental health sector from 2015 to 2018.”

Her mom worked in the mental health sector during the time she says she was supposedly  suicidal.

Since her mom worked in the mental health sector and she was suicidal, she could  have told her mom to either help her or get her someone to talk to fast. She had a mental health person on speed dial.

Part of me feels  in an attempt to control the situation and Harry, she was playing at being Diana.; Who did suffer with mental health issues and depression for much of her adult life.

Think about this, Diana died when she was three years younger than Meghan is today.

Diana married at nineteen and was thrust into this strange marriage where her husband was in love with another woman.

But we watched Diana suffer.

She was severely bulimic and anorexic. Her bulging bones, and gaunt face were a global billboard for her despair, misery and self-annihilation .  Did she get help? Did she ask? Does this haunt Harry? Does Meghan know that?

Meghan claims her suicidal thoughts came when she was pregnant. If the Palace did not help her, and she refused to tell her mental health worker mother, why did she not talk to her OBGYN and ask for help?

But, again, had Meghan told the truth in other areas, maybe she would be more credible on this topic.

If she had not signed a big deal with Netflix and Spotify, I might find the public pity party  more believable.

She is not Diana.  I fear she might play on Harry’s fear of losing people as he was so devastated by the loss of his mother. It could be he power over him.

Honestly Harry, despite his foray into a Hitler costume is the one who appears to be in the most pain to me. He lost his mother when he was so young, and now he is estranged from the only family he has known.

But he does what a good Royal is bred to do, he keeps it to himself. He is quiet, measured and withdrawn.  He was trained for that and all the Orpah’s in the world will likely not break him of it.

I will say I was in Montecito yesterday, where I was raised and still have my deepest roots.

The old timers are not happy with the Sussex’s arrival.

One woman who works in a shop I go to said, ‘when do you think they will get divorced and be out of here?”

I told her I thought four years.

One day, he will wake up in Montecito which despite its heart stopping beauty is a bit of bore much of the time and he will long for where he came from. His home.

He is a Brit. He is a Royal. He will miss his family and his traditions at some point. He will want to show his children the other  life they come from.

And if she is the one who took him from that, this may not turn out to be The Little Mermaid after all.

One of the reasons they like Royals to marry Royals is they get the gig; Or like Kate they catch on quickly.

And while the rest of the world is blessedly waking up, I think it shall take the British Royal Family more than Meghan Markel to really move with the times.   They are still back with William of Orange in many, many ways. And I suspect that’s the way they like it .