WE DID IT!!!!!!!

Dec 20, 2020by tracey Comments

With only five days until Christmas, I am closing the COAT DRIVE.

But I am so thrilled…beyond thrilled.. beyond- beyond….as in when I get upset about the world or the year that is (thank god) about to end, I think about this coat drive, this year, and what we have all accomplished and I become giddy.

It means more to me than anything this Christmas.

And thanks to so many of you, you kind, generous people I am lucky enough to call friends, even though some of you, I have never met, but thanks to you…

I am…We are…the NUMBER TWO coat drive winners in all of New York City or I guess the country.

We were number one for a long time.  Then two weeks ago, a  company called Evercore,  came up from behind and took the number one spot.

I learned that Evercore is one of the largest global investment banks. They are traded on the New York Stock Exchange.  They have a lot in their plus column.  So, if I come in second to someone whose stock is trading for over a hundred dollars a share, I have to accept that I am just one little person with a blog and many wonderful people who follow me.

It’s not a competition, despite the fact I am competitive. It’s about taking care of people during these very difficult, sad times. And if Evercore can get more people to help then that is great!  Congratulations, Evercore, on your number one slot, But…we are number two…which means…

In these hard times we raised – $10, 329.40 in monetary contributions and another forty coats, boxed and ready to be delivered! This translates into 556 coats!


Lynda Thompson, Maryanne Ziegler, Sheldon Bull, Gregg Horowitz, Patricia Belen, Layne Larsen, Lauren Gaba, Mr & Mrs. Alexanxer Neubaurer, Linda Yellin, Donna Green, Richard Arlook, Lynnda Blitzer, Kate Betts, Lisa Valentino,  Jody Martini, Patrick Terrail, Melissa Green, Nancy Bothfield, Nika Muchnic, Gail Patterson, Steppie Royes, Monica Sharma, Amir Naghib, Tina Biello, Randall Green, Taylor Templeton, Beth Martin, Elise Marmon, Heather Weintraub, Crystal Perry, Susan Cohen, Michael Connolly, Miltiades Stathakis, Ashley McDermott, Linda Jackson Pitz, Wendy Buscaglia, Renee Jensen, Joan Kron, Judhi Kilichand,Daniel Wechsler.

And then there were many anonymous donations.  So I thank those of you who wish to remain out of the limelight.

I am really speechless and grateful and proud that with a little effort we could get this done.

But most importantly, thanks to so many of you, 556 people will not be cold this winter.

Bless you.