It’s That Time of Year – Get Out the Coats!

Nov 29, 2020by tracey Comments


Thanksgiving is over and I’m thinking coats. I’m thinking about the tens of millions who have lost their jobs this year due to COVID.

I’m thinking about the 270,000 who have lost someone to COVID.

And I’m thinking it’s almost winter.

I know, I know, I know everyone has their hand out. And people are hungry. And there is only so much money to go around.

And maybe you took a hit this year too.


But cold people get sick more easily.  And homelessness is at an all-time high.

So, please, yet again, another year I am asking you to help me with my Coat Drive for New York Cares.

I know this winter I am not even there.  But my heart is always there. And New York Cares means a lot to me.

This year I have my own link.

You can go to my page and press donate.

Twenty Dollars buys a coat.

If you have a coat you want to donate, just email me and we will work it out.

I already have 50 coats boxed up in New York ready to be dropped off by my partner in coat delivery Silas Olivera.

So, please, it’s been a tough year.

I know.

But the greatest pleasure is giving to others.

So, I’m giving you a chance to start off the holiday feeling really good about yourself even if you haven’t brushed your teeth or worn real clothes in two months.

It doesn’t matter, as long as someone is warm this winter thanks to you.