Who is God?

Apr 11, 2020by tracey Comments

I feel this is a big question today.  Being it’s the Holiest Weekend of the Christian faith and one of the Holy weekends of the Jewish faith. And there is nothing like a plague to get you really pondering who is God and if there is one what could he possibly be thinking at the moment.

Before there was the Andy and Chris Cuomo show there was their dad, Mario. A one-man show.   One of the great political thinkers of his day.  He was earmarked to be the first Italian American president.  He turned away.  He never made a lot of money. He was not part of the “look at only me” generation. He was a devout Catholic, yet with a probing and skeptical mind.

This fifteen-minute speech is one he did in 1991 at the 92nd Street Y on the topic of  “Who is God?”.  I thought it was very appropriate for today.  Churches being shuttered. All of us being inside our homes unable to celebrate anything with our loved ones.

Today is a day when one might ask   “Who is God?”

I wish I could embed this properly, but I am not good at that, so you need to just use the link.

Happy Easter.