Help the Helpers

Apr 1, 2020by tracey Comments

I know there is no end to the pleas for money right now. I know everyone is feeling a little less flush than they did a few weeks ago.

And I know many have lost their jobs.  So, if you are just fighting to stay afloat yourself you can ignore this plea.

You know I normally only ask everyone to give once a year.  But we are in a new normal.

Because our government put us behind the eight ball here there is just not enough equipment on the front lines.

We have all now heard the harrowing stories of nurses working with a face mask that is stapled together Nurses, Doctors, EMS workers and cops without the proper protective gear. Hospitals are running out of everything.

Healthcare workers and the helpers who help us are all being asked to work under the most horrendous circumstances without the proper gear and precautions to keep them safe.

Here in New York, the epicenter of the moment we have lost two nurses to the disease and many, many are sick.

As of yesterday two hundred NYPD tested positive and were not working. Three NYPD have died of COVID-19.

So, I have started something I’m calling Help the Helpers in honor of Mr. Rogers.

I started it out by buying 5000 pairs of gloves and 300 face masks. They are on their way here from China.

Things can be found online. Money can be given to buy.

The states have said we must help. They hate to do it, I think it was Zucker who said I know it feels like a bakesale approach but we cannot do this without the support of the community.

I know many of you, likely most of you are not in New York. I am blessed to have readers all over the world.

But I am here in New York, so I am giving here, though I just donated money to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank as I am also from there.

I have many friends in Santa Barbara and I am from there.

So, Help the Helpers is a mission statement or the title of one, and if you are in NYC or you are worried about New York City you can give here.

It’s not like the coat drive, though there is a tab to just give money.

My goal is 50,000 of anything. I won’t hit that. But, you know me I always aim high.

And that is accumulative over the next however many months this battle rages.

I will link places you can give in your community.

In the meantime, just think about what Mr. Rogers said.  We are all scared, but we are holed up in our houses. We may be bitching and moaning but we have food in the fridge and a queue on NETFLIX.

Think of the helpers, they are fighting a fire without water.  It’s shameful and it’s insane, but we must do our bit.

These are the things they need ~

Endotracheal Tubes
Oxygen Concentrator
Basic Diagnostics X-Ray System
No Touch Thermometers
Pulse Oximeter, Portable
Oxygen Tanks
Nasal prongs
BIPAP systems

Complete Personal Protective Equipment
3M 1860 and 1860s N95 Respirators

Medical Mask
Exam Glove
Gowns, Disposable with elastic Wrists
Eye/Face Shield
Boot covers
Hair cover (bouffant)

Key Medical Supplies and Consumables
COVID Swab Test Kits

Infusion Compound (Lactated Ringer)
Oxygen Face Mask
Infusion Setup Including Pump
Biohazard bag
Soap, liquid (1L size)
Safety Box Needle Disposal​

There is also a wonderful podcast that dropped today on my fav The Daily that answers the question many of us have been asking,

Why in 2020 America, are the hospitals without any of the things they need?

Thank you in advance for Helping the Helpers – it’s our duty and it might just save our lives too.


If you want to donate funds you can do it here.

Health Research, Inc., (Part of NYSDOH) has established an account to be used exclusively for purposes related to the State’s COVID-19 emergency response.  The donor should specify that the donation is for “COVID-19 NYS Emergency Response.”

If you want to send money to me, some of you have done that or tell me what to buy I will do it for you. It’s not easy to buy things and mail them now so here is the form you can use to send directly to the NY State Fund that is collecting. Or you can write Help the Helpers which is the group I’ve started. I don’t care

New York State Health Covid-19 Tracking Orders


Pandemic Relief Fund- United Way

Los Angeles Regional Food Bank




93108 Fund

This was started by one of my best friends and her husband Linda and Ron Blitzer during the mudslides. The money all goes directly to the day workers who have lost their incomes. It’s a great charity.  They get money to pay the rent, pay for food. They saved so many during the months and months Montecito was closed down. And now it’s closed again.