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My theory is even naughty people sometimes deserve a gift.  Or not. Up to you. Nice people totally.  You’ve officially got five days til Christmas. Three til Hannukuh. If you’re an atheist, remember people still like gifts.

I’m wrapped and done. However, I start in the summer. Not trying to make you feel guilty – I’m just OCD and it’s an excuse to buy things.

So, if you need some last-minute help, I’m at your service.

This is one of my favorite things this year. James Pearse nails the sweatshirt/sweatpants game with this combo. It comes in black, navy and grey. It’s some awesome fabric that feels like a blanket. I don’t know. Let’s just say many on my list will be getting them.

Pulsating Gold Sculpting Bar. Didn’t you always dream of one? Did you ever think you could live without one? Pulsates and lifts you into another decade.  That’s the idea.  Watch some news, pulsate your face a little. Follow with some serum and you won’t recognize yourself.


Violet Grey

If you’re giving the  gold needle bar and you want to add a little icing to the perfect skin cake, I would toss in a serum. This line Royal Fern is my new fav. Ask my cousin Lorraine. She always texts me for face tips. I turned her on to it. She loves it.  I hope she comments to agree.


Violet Grey

If you want to spend a little less than three hundred dollars this Pure Essence Oil will do the trick.


Pure Essentials Oil

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?  This is certainly the year of Fred Rogers.  And what better way to honor him than by wearing a grandpa sweater?  But this Jenni Kayne one has a certain style that promises no one will call you Fred; unless of course you want them to.

PS – I have this sweater and am hoping maybe to get another.

Jenni Kayne

I kind of like him. I mean I like his jacket. It’s called the Yosemite Lined Sherpa Jacket.  Covers many bases. If you know what I mean.

 James Pearse.

Life doesn’t have to be a drag. Not with anything written by Simon Doonan around the house.  His latest book – The Complete History of Drag is both a history lesson and a great time. And let’s face it, there are people who might need to get woke about this.



You have to know someone with a baby, or about to have one. Or if you are like me you put stuff away for when your kids have them.

Did I share that? Yikes.

How cute are these?

I’m wearing the adult version now. It’s 16 degrees out.

Also from

Jenni Kayne

Oh no, not more pajamas for dad.  But these are pretty nice. My girls turned me onto Hill House Home this year and I’m a total convert. Great fabrics. Old fashioned, yet modernized design.  All dads would love these. I think  Fred Rogers might have even have  liked them,


Hill House Home


And Mrs. Rogers would love Hill House Home’s “nap dress”  I think it looks like the Van Trapp family would all have them. But I kind of like that look. I like it a lot.


Hill House Home


Not everyone wants to go to bed looking like Julie Andrews in 1967. I get it.  It took me decades to get to that place. So for that little slip of a thing, get her a little slip of a thing.  Someone 19 picked this out yesterday. So you kind of have to pay attention.

Also at Hill House Home. But you know when you’re short on time, one-click shopping is the way to go.

Hill House Home

It’s been a joy to watch my friend Marla Aaron turn her little jewelry company into an international sensation. I didn’t make that happen, but I will take credit for being one of the first to tell people to buy her things.  I love these new initial locks.  Just because I picked a T does not mean I’m hinting or anything.

Her jewelry is the best as you can keep adding as the years go on.

Marla Aaron

And much like the pulsating gold sculpting bar without the serum, her locks don’t work as well without a chain. If you have not been listening to me for the last seven years, now is the time to get one of her chains. They come in all sizes and all  prices. There is one for everyone.

Go either really short 15″ just a bit longer than a choker. Or my favorite length 24″. Marla loves a 30″

Marla Aaron

Give the gift of inner peace and tranquility.  This app totally upped my meditation game. My friend the writer Dani Shapiro told me it would and she was right.


Insight Timer


I know I told you to get this last year. But  I’m telling you again. It is one of my favorite possessions.  They have amazing oils.  I use lavender for meditation. I use cedarwood and the whole house smells like a spa in Norway. Though I have never been to a spa in Norway.  It’s a great gift. It’s affordable and everyone loves them.



They call it The Icon Coat for a reason. It was the first. It gave rise to the Teddy coat craze. It might have something to do with people giving up fur – so for that, it deserves a standing ovation.  You might want to wait for the after holidays sales.  I did find one on Black Friday that was half off.  So an IOU is not a bad idea.

It’s the gift that keeps on keeping you warm for years to come.


Max Mara

I know I am always expected to chime in with my handbag of the moment idea.  I am getting a bit more practical. Less bag of the moment centric. More concerned with animals being killed. So, to be honest, the bag I got myself is the old school Prada Nylon Tote. Simple. Classic. Lightweight. Outside pocket. They have many versions if you can’t find this exact one. It’s more the vibe than the bag.


Make someone’s path clear, with Oprah’s latest book,  a compilation  her thoughts and some of her favorite thought leaders and their thoughts on life’s path. It’s pure Oprah and guaranteed to inspire.

OK, I’m in it. But I would have suggested it anyway.