Under The Tree

Dec 20, 2018by tracey Comments

OK, it’s a little late.  You’ve got four shopping days til you’ve got to fork over gifts that look like you put some thought and maybe a little cash into them.  Girls like gifts. Guys, I’ve learned, not to gender generalize, don’t care quite so much.  But you’ve got to have something under the tree for everyone.

Personally, the best gift for me would be Trump is impeached and the stock market goes back up, the Kurds are protected, oh make me stop and leave it to Rachel Maddow.

But, we do all need a break and a nice gift on the twenty-fifth.  Unless, unlike me, you are a good Jew and you did Hannukuh a few weeks ago and the gift-giving is behind you.

But we have a tree and the girls are here so Monday presents rule!


I’m going to come out of the gate with one of my favorite items of the year.  It’s called the Vitruvi. It’s a mist diffuser. It comes with two oils,  a Cedar Wood and Lavender. This thing makes me so happy I cannot tell you. It’s $100. It turns your life into a spa. It relaxes you. It centers you. It tricks you into thinking you’re living in a Four Seasons Hotel. It’s just sublime. I don’t know a woman or many men who would not just adore it.

It comes in black too. You can get it on Amazon by XMAS. Go…



Enough with the Selfies. Come on, you can’t be that in love with yourself. Not every day.

I happen to adore Leicas.  They have now come out with an affordable instant camera that happens to take little polaroids.  Who won’t have fun with that? And you can’t take pictures of yourself with it!  Also, on Amazon. Prime it here by Monday.

Leica Sofort Instant Camera


I’ve gotten back into setting a fun table.  Taylor turned me onto this wonderful Italian company called La Double J. They make everything from house items like placemats and dishes to clothing. The idea is to mix and match prints.  And they have sourced their prints from archives at silk companies in Lake Como.

Since they are in Italy so you may not get them here by Monday, however, they do ship fast, so you might be able to make it. You can always give an IOU. I would totally wait for La Double J.

La Double J

While you are scrolling around La Double J they make kids clothes too. For that little one in your life.


Walk through an airport and all you see is Rimowas and Away carryons.  It makes me long for the old, trusted, Waspy company T.Anthony.  I love this grey soft carry on. It’s got the wheels, it will get you to the gate just as fast and you won’t grab the wrong bag when you exit the plane.





No, it’s not a razor. It’s a micro- needler and it’s a face changing apparatus. It might be a better girl to girl gift as it could hurt someone’s feelings. “Here is an amazing device that helps remove wrinkles.”   I could handle it. But just saying be sure you won’t send someone running from the room crying and yelling “You think I look old.”   Though once they calm down and use it, they will thank you.

Violet Grey



I love these.  They are made by Foundrae, my new favorite new jewelry company. I tend to think we should buy vintage, or at least I prefer it. But these are too cute.  I put in a word for an initial for each of my girls.  You can hang them from chains or charm holders you already have. Check out the site there is a lot of cool stuff. These come in all sorts of fun, chic colors. It’s very nice to carry the initials of those you love near your heart.

Foundrae https://foundrae.com/medallions/initials.html


If you want to drift back a little in time this gorgeous wood and gold link bracelet made by Seaman Schepps is at DK Farnum. Tell Dana Tracey sent you.



DKF Estate Jewelry

Back in the days when catalogs ruled Nieman Marcus always had a few ginormous items that were worth the price of the catalog alone. Albeit the catalog was free. It was just the wowza item nobody needed and few could ever dream of affording.  This is my wowza item this year. It’s T.Anthony.  It’s a  trunk to carry your jewels when you travel. Like on your plane or your yacht or maybe somebody else’s.

I just had to throw it in.


After my diffuser, this is my find of the year.  It’s actually a fairly well-known program for journaling, but it takes organizing your brain and your life to a different level.  I am a life long journaler and list maker but this is a total game changer. Some special people received this from me this holiday season. You can see a bit of it on Instagram @bulletjournal and there are videos. But the book is really worth the time.  Trust me, it’s not just a book about journaling, it’s a movement, a meditation and perhaps a bit of a cult;  as people can take one look at your journal/organizer and know if you BuJo.


If you are going to give the Bullet Journal book, you must give the dotted line journal that goes with it. There is a lot of controversy as to what journal works the best for bullet journaling. There are a few givens, no lines – just dots. Some feel there should be no plain white paper, others feel it’s important for diagrams.  But the overwhelming winner for best journal for BuJoing is the Leuchtturm. It has an index and numbered pages and these are things you really want.

Bullet Journal


Who knew Tequila had the least amount of sugar of any alcohol? I didn’t. Once I learned, I was smitten.  A perfect take along to a holiday party.




And if you want to really look like you put some thought into it and take it from a party bring along to a proper gift, throw in some of these all-purpose, super slick looking Riedel Tequila Glasses.


Tequila Glasses

A gift list from me would not be complete without a bag on it.  This year I’m loving the simplicity of this Row Tote.  It’s a yummy buttery soft leather. It comes in other colors but I love this burnt sienna. How often do you get to legitimately use that color description?  This is not cheap, but it’s an investment present and will be deeply appreciated. I promise.

 The Row Tote

I would be dropping the ball here if I didn’t suggest one candle. This one is a winner. I just discovered it. It may be called Overose, but is it really possible to Overose?  I don’t think so.




Overose  Candle

The greatest gift we can give another person or even ourselves is hope. Things are not essential for survival, but hope is. So what could be a better gift than giving someone you care about a big dose of hope.  If Anne LaMott writes it, I read it. And I have read this.  It’s the right book at the right time.  So if you give nothing else this holiday season ~ give some hope.


Almost Everything – Notes On Hope