Nov 5, 2018by tracey Comments

No excuses. Today is the day we might be able to get some of our liberties back and assure we are not on a journey towards Fascism.

I had the weirdest thing happen to me. Two weeks ago I went online and checked that I was all signed up,  and registered.  I always have been.  But we have a new polling place and I wanted to make sure all was good to go. And I was registered, Democrat and all my info was exactly right. It was.

Then today I get an email from that I am registered, but that my name is Tracey Jackso.  with my address.

I freaked out. My name is not Jacko. Who took my N? Who added the period?

I know if your info is not correct you can’t vote. Right? And I’m a Democrat.  So is someone meddling here?

I put all my info into the system and I was suddenly not registered to vote, not under my name or Tracey Jackso.

I called the number on the email. They checked several systems. Finally, in one I was registered but missing a voter ID. When did that happen?  The woman asked if this was this the first time I voted. I said, “No that would have been Jimmy Carter.”

She said to show up and they will most likely let you vote. Most Likely???? WTF.

And worst case scenario I would be an – OMG, I was so upset I forget the word she used.  But it’s when they count your vote if they have time after all the others are counted. So maybe my vote counts – maybe it doesn’t.

So, this is a bulletin of sorts. You might want to check your status.  Are they meddling with voters? Are they going into the system and erasing Democrats?

I am not being paranoid about this it happened today.

Registered on one site, not on four others. My name suddenly inexplicably misspelled and my voter ID, erased.

Does this sound a little funny to you?

I am going to cause such a scene if they don’t let me vote.

But this is one more reason we have to get these idiots out of the White House.

I have been voting since I was 18. I have never missed an election. And now, perhaps someone is trying to take my vote away.

I feel so – furious yes, but messed with. Violated. My rights. If this is true and my voter registration was tampered with. Well, I will cross that bridge when I come for it.

VOTE – if you’re going to vote properly and keep a good thought for me!