Nov 29, 2018by tracey Comments

I know you have all been inundated this week with #givingTuesday and endless hands being held out for you to fork over some of your hard earned dollars to others favorite causes.   BUT, baby cold outside and even if you don’t live here New Yorkers are freezing, even those with coats.

So, then I think of and see all the desperately poor people without a coat, many without a home, or anywhere to go. Children whose parents can’t afford a coat and last years just is way too small.  Older people who can’t afford to heat their apartments and need to wear coats inside. Do I need to go on?

Thus I am doing my annual COAT DRIVE through New York Cares.

It’s a little different this year. In years past I could have an account and you could click on it and donate $20.00 to buy a coat if you did not have one to give. This year you can still donate but it will not show up in my coat drive. But I don’t care.  As long as we can get some coats together here.

My goal is 400 coats. In 2016 we did 250. Last year I gave and bought on my own and donated. But this year I am asking for your help, I really want to show up for these people.

You can do one of two things – you can send me a coat you no longer wear or take one from your husband or boyfriend or girlfriend or kid.  I even give you permission to covet thy neighbor’s coat and perhaps ask if they might have a spare to donate.

You can email me.  If you follow this blog you know how – I will send you my office address and you can pop that sucker in the mail and I will put it in one of the many boxes of coats here.  If you want to be reimbursed for the postage let me know and I will do it.

Or, you can click on the link below and donate as little or as much as you want.  If you do that, I would so appreciate an email or a comment down below letting me know that you did it and how much. One coat, one coat is amazing.  It’s twenty dollars and it changes a life.  I know that sounds hyperbolic but it’s not.  For someone, it’s the difference between freezing or not.

Just let me know and then by my cut off date of Christmas Eve.  I will then know if we reached the goal and if not how close we are.  And if it’s close I will get Glenn or Paul Williams to close it.  @paulielama can I count on you for 75 coats?????

I am starting out here with 25 coats I have collected from raiding the girls, Glenn’s and my closet. I’m going after more this weekend when no one is looking.

If I buy the girls a coat, jacket or vest I make them fork over one of their old ones.  Light jackets count, when you are cold layering works. Any size counts.

And today I am going to buy 75 coats from the site. So we are at almost a hundred right there.

If I meet up with your over the holiday in IRL, hey, show up with a coat baby!  I am on a mission.



And thank you. I promise some good travel blogging in exchange.  I haven’t done that in a while but I will this year!

We are all blessed.  And believe me,  I know that in so many communities there has been so much destruction in the last few years. My home state of California is getting battered again and again. But they don’t get too cold there.

New York is in bad shape. I’m not going to get political. I will just say we are all the family of man and we need to take care of each other.

So let’s do it!


And as you see from the poster you can even text a coat! They are making it pretty darn easy to be a good Samaritan.