Sixty Things I Love

May 24, 2018by tracey Comments

  1. My children
  2. My husband
  3. My dogs
  4. Bread
  5. Pasta
  6. Exhale Spa – Workouts
  7. Reading
  8. Getting Lost in my work
  9. Mid-Century Italian Furniture
  10. 70’s Vintage Jewelry
  11. Helping Others
  12. Machu Pichu
  13. Italy
  14. India
  15. Paris
  16. The first sip of morning coffee
  17. My mid-morning Iced Coffee
  18. Hot Baths
  19. Walking on the beach in California
  20. Dusk 
  21. Arriving in a new city I’ve never been to
  22. A fresh clean new notebook and a gel pen
  23. Bite Agave Lip Balm
  24. Jet Blue Airlines extra legroom using miles
  25. Ordering in sushi and watching TV with my girls
  26. Shopping with my girls
  27. The first fall days when the weather starts to change
  28. Mad Men
  29. Good Hotels
  30. The memory of my Grandparents
  31. Snow – Big wintery snowstorms when you can’t leave the house
  32. Jeans. 
  33. CNN
  34. Pasta, I know I said it once but I love it that much
  35. The fact I got to go on Oprah. Sorry. I just love that.
  36. That I got to write movies for 25 years.
  37. That I wrote a book with my best friend Paul Williams and it was a best seller
  38. Walking down Madison Avenue
  39. Kissing my daughters good night.
  40. Baths. Long hot baths.
  41. Korean Sheet Masks
  42. Makeup.  
  43. That moment when things workout and you kind of knew they would
  44. Order. I love order and cleanliness and knowing everything has a place.
  45. Giving things away
  46. Doing things that make other’s life easier
  47. Handbags
  48. Summer food, when we cook outside
  49. Farm stands
  50. Peonies
  51. Swimming pools
  52. White fluffy rugs
  53. Freshly ironed sheets 
  54. Old friends where you have a shorthand that only comes with time
  55. When strangers write me letters and tell me something I did or said helped them
  56. White shirts
  57. Stretching my mind
  58. The way I feel when I don’t use technology too much
  59. Carnal Flowers Perfume
  60. Birthday Cake!

We had the most perfect New Year's Day in Paris. Never has it been more beautiful. Less than a week later was Charlie Hebdo. The world was changing in so many ways.