It Won’t Get You High But It Will Make You Soft

Apr 13, 2018by tracey Comments

While I was never much of a pot smoker  (it made me kind of stupid) and my partner in Gratitude and Trust Paul Williams loves to tell the story about how I refused to get high with Hunter S. Thompson, something he can’t quite get over – I have become very fond of spreading cannabis all over my body.  In fact, I have been using it all winter and I have not had dry skin once. It’s super rich and not greasy at all.

Now that many states have legalized pot, and OK, I would like to try a gummy bear edible when I get out to California next time, beauty products containing cannabis and hemp and have become quite the rage.

According to the home page of Herbessntls the brand I have been using

To nobody’s surprise at all, Cannabis also has almost magical properties when it comes to caring for your skin. Thanks to the biological construct of Cannabis Sativa seed oil, it has the ability to stimulate your skin’s natural oil production to reach the right balance that keeps your skin clean and protected and hydrated at the same time.

They also go on to say ~

Cannabis Sativa seed oil is rich in antioxidants, especially Vitamin E, which helps stop or slow down the aging process on a cellular level. It has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties and contains a number of different vitamins and minerals that your skin uses naturally to keep itself young and elastic.

Anti- Aging, music to our ears. Young and elastic I can get high on just the thought of that one.

I’m actually addicted to the Herbessntls Body Infused Moisturizer.

Other products are the Lip Balm and the facial moisturizer. The facial product is so popular it’s sold out.  The lip balm glides on and is great for winter lips and just a slather of moisture on your lips. If you don’t want to spend much money at first, not that they are super pricey, I would start with the lip balm as your gateway product. If you get really hungry after applying it has nothing to do with the products, it’s just you.

All kidding aside, these are great products.  And the high comes from your skin and lips feeling super smooth and in my case like it did in the 70’s.