C – Results

Apr 4, 2018by tracey Comments

Like so many vitamin based products and supplements, you never know exactly what to do.  One day they are cure-alls the next day they’re toxic.

But in the land of beauty Vitamin C is somewhat of a miracle maker.

I used it for awhile then stopped. Six months ago I started using it again. People keep asking me what I am doing to my skin. I do a lot, it’s not only the Vitamin C.

But I’ve promised several people I will do a full rundown of the products I use and rate them.

I’ve been running a trial on Vitamin C, from one of the costliest coming in at $200 to the cheapest which you can pick up for $6.50.

So, what actually does vitamin C do for your face?  Biggest claim is it unilaterally makes you look younger.  We are all on board with that one. But how?

One of the biggest things it does is it produces collagen. Collagen and lack thereof seems to be synonymous with aging in all forms.  So C = more collagen production. Yay.

It also protects your skin against free radicals.   What I want to know is if the free radicals are bad, what do the pricey radicals do?  And I’ve never really understood what free radicals are other than we need protection from them. The sun happens to be one in some form, and Vitamin C while not an SPF does help with the age spots you see and the ones you don’t see – yet.

Vitamin C also helps with brown spots in general.  Once I heard that I started putting it on my hands and I have to say it has helped. I don’t have brown spots on my face, but I do on my hands and the C works wonders.

C comes in many forms, creams, serums, oils. It oxidizes fast – read loses its potency.  Think of your C like a 70-year-old guy who just took Viagra, use it fast and don’ t waste it.  Also, do not buy big sizes. If you open one that you are not going to use for a while put it in the fridge.

Look for Ascorbic Acid as one of the main ingredients.  There are other forms, Ester-C being one, but if you can go with Ascorbic.

Of course, the big question is when do you put it on? At what point in your daily regime? There are so many conflicting opinions on this one.  The rule is, usually apply the item made from the smallest molecules first.

When did beauty become a science test? Really.  It used to be wash, tone, moisturize.  Now I spend half an hour staring at products trying to figure out their molecular structure.

Melanie Simon who makes perhaps the best Vitamin C on the market says to put it on first. She also says to apply only three days a week.

One of my several skin care gurus Vicki Morav says put it on every day and you don’t have to put it on first. But she does not use the Simon version.

But they both agree that you need to give it a few minutes to soak in. So, apply your C then go do something like meditate or pour another cup of coffee, then come back and add some larger molecule products like proper serums and face creams.  FYI creams, the old-fashioned cream is the biggest molecule you’ve got in your beauty stash.  So always put that on last.

But I will say – C is an important part of a good beauty regime at any age and especially the older you get. So, find one you like and fits your budget and let me know how it goes.

Oh, and drinking a glass of orange juice doesn’t count!




Melanie Simon C- Serum. Do you love the simplicity of the bottle? It’s a great product. If it was a desert island decision this would be my choice.  But it’s not cheap. $200. But you only use it 3 times a week and only need a little.


SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic this comes in 2nd. You don’t get the instant glow you do with Melanie Simon, but you do get a great product. It comes in a little cheaper at $166. But you will use this for a long time. Just close it tight.


People love Drunk Elephant products. I don’t. I keep trying  them. I don’t hate this. I like the color, it comes out orange. It sometimes makes me red and not glowy. I sometimes think it works.  It has a good price point for the size of the bottle. It’s $80.00




Beauty Counter. Wearing its award. I talked about these products a few weeks ago. It’s clean. No chemicals. It smells great. It’s a nice product. But in terms of results, the first two are more powerful. But this is an excellent product that is pure and a pleasure to use.  A good choice. It’s also $69.00


Glossier makes a C serum. I love Glossier, the Millenial’s brand.  And many of their products work on older skin and many don’t. This is one that does not. It’s not made for aging skin. I gave mine to Lucy who loves it. She’s 18.  It’s only $28.00


The Ordinary.  I love the idea of this line.  Simple. Inexpensive. I wish I liked the products more. This is a cream and it’s grainy and rough.     $6.80 maybe you get what you pay for.  If cost is an issue you might want to try it. It’s likely better than nothing.