Feb 15, 2018by tracey Comments

Beauty tips seem to be the thing everyone wants.  I get it, I want them too.  If I was on the run and I could only take four things it would be these. It would be hard.



Biologique Recherche P50 1970. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know how it does it. People have been known to call it Jesus in a Bottle. Which is not how I would describe anything, but that gives you a sense of the devotion it elicits in its devotees.

There are several strengths and formulas so check out the one that is right for you.



Hanacure.  Anybody who has tried this will tell you-you put this stuff on and it’s like you went out and got a hundred dollar facial. You look like a monster for the last fifteen minutes of the procedure, but when you take it off you can’t quite believe it’s you staring back at you. Yes, it’s pricey. But it works. It works like a mini-facelift. It works like botox. It’s magical.


It’s not like I’m reinventing the wheel here. These things are hugely popular right now, but that’s because  they really work.  I think if I could only use one product on my face it would be Vintner’s Daughter. I don’t only use this. But, I have been trying other oils so I can compare and find some that come in at a less expensive price point and I keep going back to this one.  It changes the texture of your skin. It makes you glow. It gets rid of acne, apparently. I don’t have it so I don’t know. But Lucy is trying for me. Let’s suffice to say, it’s the best single beauty product I have ever used.


La Crème Beaute Venom.  Sounds ominous but works like a charm. Apparently, the Royal Family is all nuts for it. It does a lot.  There are a lot of other wonderful products out there and I will share them all. These four are the workhorses of my regime.

I know they are not cheap.  Add them all up and it’s $550.00 if you buy all of them.  But if you went and got a facial every three months you would pay more.  There are products for less and they do deliver.  These are my gold standard.    This month!