Feb 20, 2018by tracey Comments

Do you want to know what really interests me? Women forty and over who have gone out and started their own businesses or done a complete three sixty and started something totally new.

I have pivoted so many times it’s amazing I haven’t fallen over from sheer dizziness.

But more and more as we find women getting aged out of the more traditional job markets and more and more women want to be in charge of their own destinies, females “doing their thing” is becoming the norm and not the exception.

But I feel while women are taking control of their careers and futures in bigger numbers we still need to see it, we need role models, we need names, faces, and histories that we can draw on to give us the courage, the gumption and the incentive to go out there and follow our dreams and make them a reality.

So every week I will interview a woman who has started a business or venture after she turned forty and we will build our own archive here where you can turn to when you need that little push, the reminder that you too can do it.