How To Keep Your Orgasm And Be Good To Animals Too

Feb 28, 2018by tracey Comments

When I went cruelty-free  I was forced to do a major purge of some of my longtime favorite tried and true beauty items.  I am big on purging, but when you are still using things and still loving them, or even recently purchased them, it’s not always easy to send them on their way.  But in the name of being good to animals, I had no choice.

I had to kiss Chanel good-bye and I had just bought the most amazing highlighter with little-crossed C’s. It found a good home.  Ditto, my favorite mascara Christian Dior’s  Dior Show.

One of the hardest things to part with was my Nars Orgasm blush. It’s a staple in so many people’s beauty bags. It’s not the titillating name that makes it so popular,  it’s the fact that Orgasm was/is the perfect blend of pinky, peachy, smidge of sparkle. It’s  foolproof. I don’t know that you actually look like you’ve  just had sex, but it was one of those looks good on everyone, wear it any time of the day or night go-to staples.

And to make matters worse they had just released a 25th-anniversary edition, a bigger size hefty Orgasm. And all sorts of baby Orgasm offshoots, lipsticks, and lipgloss, a terrific stick orgasm you could toss in your bag for the I just got laid touch up in the middle of a long day.  I had barely experienced mine when I had to pass it on.

Never one to give in to defeat I knew there were products out there that were not tested on animals and would give me as much bang for my blush.

I wasn’t wrong.  There are plenty.  You can find them below. And think of the fact that you are saving an animal’s life.

How can we not start with a blush called Beam?  I love the Millineal’s favorite make-up Glossier. Not everything they make is for the mature woman. But some of them work really well.   This liquid blush gives you a kind of “I thought about an orgasm look.” Perfect for daytime when you don’t want to be too made up.

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Becca Flowerchild Mineral Blush. It’s one of the top two in terms of almost being identical to Nars  Orgasm.  Flowerchild being an appropriate name as the 60’s free love and all. Or maybe I’m over thinking it and it’s just a flowery pink.

A terrific, reliable product. Gives you the perfect amount of color-  a really solid choice if you give up your Orgasm.

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Too Faced Flush Blush. Ya think some of these companies are riffing on the whole orgasm theme?  Well, this gives you just the flush you need and is also close to the iconic Nars Orgasm.

I love the bunnies, the bunny being the image for cruelty-free and all.

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This is an English company. I would say this is the multiple orgasm blush version. If you really want an intense pigment with a heavy dose of frost this one’s for you. Not for the timid.

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We don’t even need to point out what this looks like.  Let’s just say it’s a glide on version of orgasm. Perfect for every day when you just want that  “I woke up this way look.”

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Kosas is a great brand. Very natural, low on chemicals and high on quality. You get a nice little highlighter thrown in too. Longitude Zero.

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Lune & Aster Sunset duo is the other blush after Becca’s Flowerchild that is the closest version to the original Nars Orgasm.  All the others do a great the job, but  these are truly indistinguishable.

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Go chemical free with Beauty Counter’s Powder Blush Duo in Tawny/Whisper. When I first started using this I didn’t think it was pigmented enough. But as I have gotten used to this brand and how clean I feel when I use it, it’s become a daily go to.