Elizabeth Gilbert in Conversation with Marie Kondo

Feb 20, 2018by admin Comments

We loved to share articles we find.  Here two of my favorite writer/thinkers, Elizabeth Gilbert and Marie Kondo talk about what we need to live and how to travel through life lightly and how the soul knows…worth the read.


On a sunny day last fall, on an outdoor deck overlooking the California redwoods, Marie sat down with author Elizabeth Gilbert for a conversation on creativity, writing, and tidying our homes and lives. Elizabeth Gilbert has written best-selling books including Eat, Pray Love, an account of her spiritual journey around the world, and most recently Big Magic, an inspirational guide to creativity that encourages every reader to explore and unleash the creative spirit that is in all of us.

Marie interviewed Elizabeth about her life-changing trip inEat, Pray, Love, her thoughts on the relationship between our homes and mental states, and the inner spirit that guides us. Enjoy the first half of this two-part interview.

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Written by  KonMari Media Staff Writer Moeko Noda

The book that started the household purging revolution.  Everyone should read it.





Elizabeth Gilbert’s classic book that got everyone thinking,  “What if I chucked it all did what my soul was telling me to do?”

If you haven’t read it, read it. And don’t say you saw the movie. Not the same at all. If you’ve  read, it’s worth a reread.