Feb 20, 2018by admin Comments

Women cannot live by beauty alone, but taking care of yourself is deeply important, especially as we “mature.”

Of course, the no outer beauty can make up for a lack of inner beauty holds true, But, for many of us make-up, skin care and taking care of our hair mean a lot and they make us feel better about ourselves and when we feel better about ourselves we present better to the world.

You know what, even alone in the house I feel better with some makeup on.

But I’m not trying to get people to overstock their medicine chest with things they will never use or things that don’t work, but someone pays me to advertise.

All products will be tried out by me and a few others to make sure they work and how they work and who they work on.

Most of the beauty products we see in blogs, magazines, and in ads are all on really young women.  And we order so much online now, so how do we know if that great looking cover-up works when there is nothing to cover up, but clings to wrinkles and crinkles if you happen to have them?

I want to know those things. I will find out and I will tell you.

The other thing that is important on this site is all the products that we try out, that we recommend and that we sell are CRUELTY-FREE!

And we will shoot for organic and few chemicals when we can.

I don’t buy into the theory that if you care about your appearance it makes you a shallow person.

We can all be many things at once. We are amazing that way.

And in our effort to stay relevant and live lives of meaning as most of the world wants to see us disappear, a great serum that evens out your skin tone and smooths your wrinkles, a little blush to highlight your cheeks and some mascara to give your eyes depth tells them, hey, I’m still here and I’m not disappearing.

Look good. Do good. Be good. Unless you want to be a little bad and that’s up to you as long as you don’t hurt anybody in the process.

It’s all in the balance and then the beam.