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I know. I know. It’s kind of been awhile since I’ve been here jabbering away with all of you   at all of you.

But I have been working on something that I shall reveal down in the not too distant future.

And also, like many of you I have just been keeping my head above water, that was just the worst statement, in light of all the floods and hurricanes and disasters of late.  But it was the first thing that popped into my head. Though despite my poor choice of words, this is a good moment to remember many people still need help in rebuilding their lives.  Let’s not forget Puerto Rico. And they are fine with paper towels, so don’t send those.  Maybe just a donation to The Red Cross or Salvation Army.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time on other social media sites, Instagram. Those of you on Instagram who don’t follow me there, I would say some of my better ideas and fun off the cuff stuff is ending up there these days.

You know I have been doing this blog close to ten years now. And the world of online information has changed so radically. So, I have been taking some of the other avenues a bit more seriously.  I used to just dabble there and save everything for here.  But people seem to want short and fast now. Which means I’m training myself to take my long form style and short form it.

And then the world being what it has of late, I feel a bit odd writing 1400 words of frivolity when what feels like every thirty minutes is a new disaster.  So those are my excuses reasons for not showing up here in so long.

Wow, I forgot one of the big ones, it is Lucy’s last year living at home being in the house, in HER room, with us ALL the time.   So, I spend a crazy amount of time with her. And if gets down to writing a blog or watching Curb Your Enthusiasm with Lucy, Lucy wins.

I’m posting some of my Instagram posts to fill you in the last month. And maybe it will entice you to follow me there. Certainly if by chance you want to hear something from me every day, that is the place.  For now.



Last night @theminimalists Some wonderful takeaways. My favorite ~
“You’ll never hit the mark if you’re aiming for the wrong target” ~Ryan Nicodemus Your attention is one of your most precious resources, don’t give it away freely” “The road of reputation leads to wonderful habits” ~ Joshua Fields Millburn #theminimalists #lessisnow #wisdom #livingwithintention

This wasn’t actually last night, it was two weeks ago. Jon Hamm at The New Yorker Festival was last night. But I am still involved with my minimalist fascination.

Nice thing about daughter being a senior and me being my own boss, I get to work from home and she comes home for lunch. ❤️


On the road again. Just can’t wait to get on the road again. Oh, wait, the wrong singer. Sentiment still stands. Come see us and then go to Phantom Palooza. And if you don’t know what that is  – Google.


There are events in life that you could never in a million years predict. I’ve been reading spiritual self-help books since I was 15. I’ve devoured #ramdass #thichnhathanh #jackcornfield #annelemott #pemachodron the list goes on. Those books have gotten me through the dark times that all humans face. And then four years ago I was blessed to write a spiritual self-help book with @paulielama2 and we’re doubly blessed as @oprah had us on her show @supersoul A year ago we were told @oprah was writing a book where she was selecting some of her favorite outtakes of wisdom from many of the episodes. Today that book arrived. It’s filled with the wisdom of all the above mentioned and @eckhart.tolle @cherylstrayed @elizabeth_gilbert_writer @ariannahuff @tonyrobbins @brenebrown and so many others. I broke into tears when I was looking through this beautiful book, full of so many of my spiritual heroes and found that @oprah gave me my own page. There is one I share with Paul too. But of all she had to select from, she picked something I said to live for eternity side by side with all these great spiritual and self-help leaders. I think perhaps it’s the greatest achievement of my life. Outside the kids! Thank you @oprah once again. Thank you, @supersoul Thank you @paulielama2 for being my partner in this great @gratitudeandtrust journey that thankfully seems to continue. And for all of you out there with dreams, we do have dark days and the world is hard and harsh but never stop looking for the light and when you have the chance shine yours on others to maybe help them find their way. There is no greater gift. #wisdomofsundays
The power of @oprah is mind-boggling. This book @gratitudeandtrust written by @paulielama2 and myself came out on Sept 16, 2014. The paperback in August 2015. Its been languishing for a year in the 100,000 seller range on Amazon. Which considering when it came out is fine.  Sometimes it drops to 55,000. In all honesty, I stopped checking about a year and a half ago. We were high up there for a while after we came out. But today our @supersoul episode ran again. Thank you, Oprah and @supersoul, as we went back to number one in recovery and 178 in all books in the country. It’s hard to understand what that means if you’re not focused on publishing and how the numbers dance. Let’s just say it’s kind of unheard of unless you have @oprah on your team. #blessed #oprah #supersoulsunday #books #gratitude #bestseller #gratitudeandtrust