Jul 13, 2017by tracey Comments

It’s supposed to rain here part of the weekend, so in the event you might be looking for something to do, or if it’s sunny and you are looking for a way to fill you’re evenings, or if you’re driving somewhere and need something to keep you entertained  in the car, here are some of the things that have entertained me lately.

I normally hate anything with a vehicular reference in the title.   But I loved Baby Driver.  We actually went on opening day because my best friend Paul Williams has a part in it. But it’s great fun and very tongue in cheek.  It has two of my favorite actors Kevin Spacey and John Hamm.  I liked it so much the car scenes didn’t bother me at all, I actually liked them. So if you haven’t seen it,  it’s a good summer film.  It’s a good any time film  And the soundtrack is amazing.



A very different type of film experience is Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled.   Five of us went to see it, four of us liked it a lot. Only Glenn was unhappy with it. But he knows too much about history to ever really like anything that isn’t totally accurate.  The rest of us were very involved in the story. It’s very stylized in that Sofia Coppola way. I didn’t fall asleep once which is the true test that something can hold your attention.

Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast Revisionist History hit number one on the charts this week. Or maybe it was last week. Either way he’s killing it in the podcast world.  He started out in a kind of monotone Freakonomics wannabe style, but he has found his voice and the podcasts are terrific. I enjoy traffic thanks to these podcasts.  Listen to the 3 part series on colleges, it’s fascinating.

Incase you are not totally fed up with politics,  David Axelrod’s podcast The Axe Files doesn’t disappoint.  And while he is clearly devoted to his party, he has reaches across the aisle to select his guests. You can totally  disagree with some of his guests but he has nailed the interviewing technique, which is pretty impressive considering it’s not his background and he can talk to someone you totally dislike but you end up loving the podcast.  That was as delicately as I could say I sat through a 65 minute interview he did with  Senator Tom Cotton and almost liked him.



The beach read that attracts attention.  I wouldn’t call it brilliant but it’s a novel approach to self-help and he has a point.

Summer flowers. Long lazy days…..