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If you are from New York or know people who live in New York you will likely have heard them complain that nothing is like it used to be.  New York City used to have the most extraordinary gems tucked in the least likely places. Old Ukrainian butchers next to tattoo parlors, mom and pop shops that had been around for decades run by the same moms and pops:  Cobblers and paper stores and shops that sold girdles nestled next to a hipster bar.

Now the skyline is starting to look like Dubai and every storefront is either for rent or some major chain is taking it over.

There is a wonderful blog I read called Jerimiah’s Vanishing New York. A man called Jeramiah Moss goes around New York and chronicles all the old institutions and beloved neighborhood places that are closing, have closed or are in danger of closing. It’s not uplifting, but enlightening and it’s charming and a wonderful reminder of what the city once was.

Clearly, I am not alone in liking this blog as Harper Collins is publishing a book called Vanishing New York How a Great City Lost Its Soul.

Midtown is one of the worst, especially in the fifties, it’s a lot of construction sights where 100 story towers are being erected and too many Chipoltes and coffee bars and restaurants are going in.  Gone is anything that resembles quaint.

So, I was beyond thrilled the other day when I stumbled upon Myzels Chocolate. An old- fashioned candy store that dates back to the early sixties. It looks like it could be in any town USA, untouched since it opened or so it appears.   This is no organic, free trade, 85% coco filled with gogi berry chocolate store.  It’s milk chocolate covered marshmallows and big glass jars of jelly beans. Handmade cookies and ice cream in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla;  Total time machine experience.

To be honest, I had been in this store a long time ago, but had forgotten about it.  Then one day a few weeks ago I took a different subway than I normally do and got off near there.

I immediately thought of Jerimiah Moss and wondered if he knew of Myzels. Then I thought of writing to him and telling him about it. I don’t know him, but I’m sure people send him tips all the time.

I did go in and bought some candies to take back to the office and some for the kids.  We have to keep these places going for as long as we can.

I don’t know how Myzels can stay afloat in the middle of what is becoming one of the priciest parts of Manhattan.  But I will go back and buy gifts and candy there as often as I can and I will hold a good thought that it gets to stay open another fifty years.

Myzel’s Chocolate
The window
The entire inside.

Walls of candy in old fashioned jars
They sell old cards
Jars of cookies.


Homemade cookies


Jeremiah’s Vanishing New York


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