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LA is great city.  And I haven’t always felt that way. But the last few years it’s just killing it.

Due to the high prices and closure of so many small businesses in New York, these days LA is the place to find those wonderful little gems, called small stores and family run businesses that used to be ubiquitous in New York.

Last week  while in LA I happened to stumble upon such a place. A gem.  A small family owned bakery tucked into a tidy mall, a tad off the beaten track, called Jennifer Pennifer Bakes.

Jennifer Saltzman has opened the perfect spot for a great cup of coffee and something we don’t see much of –  bite size cheesecakes.  And they really are bite size, OK, depending on your mouth, two bite size. Which is pretty brilliant if you ask me. As cheesecake is one of those things you really have to commit yourself to. Like, I’m going to sit down and have a piece of cheesecake and then not eat for a day. But two bites or even four and you don’t need to even up your gym routine.

And two bites is truly satisfying.  I know because I tasted  a few when I was there.

Jennifer has been baking for years and her family and friends  loved her cheesecakes; which she tended to serve up for holidays and special occasions, because, well, the whole cheesecake  commitment thing.

So she came up with the idea of making them a tad smaller than a cupcake but with the same rich taste. And then she started playing around with flavors.  And boy does she have flavors!

Espresso. Lemon. Chocolate Chocolate Chip. Key Lime. Red Velvet. Linzer Torte. Nutella. Rocky Road. Macaroon Crusted and my favorite – Coconut.

Come on, for cheesecake that is a ton of flavors and they are all amazing.

So, if you live in LA, I suggest you stop by for cheesecake or two and then take some home for your friends and family. Or even people you don’t know cause after you give them a few of Jennifer’s cheesecakes they will adore you for life.

And if you happen to be going to LA, stop by. It’s like ten minutes from Beverly Hills. Worth the slight detour, tell Jennifer Tracey sent you, she will give you one to take home on the house!

Jennifer Pennifer Bakes

Caramel Cheesecakes

Red Velvet
For cheesecake purists, there is original.
If your are counting the days until Bloodline starts up again, there is Key Lime!
It’s a real family business – her son Michael bakes fresh bread daily.
Jennifer Saltzman