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Lucy won The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Student of the Year by raising $33,000 on her own in 7 weeks.

She was part of a team that raised $43,402.00. But Lucy raised $33,000 of that, making her The Student of the Year.

To put her victory in perspective there were eight girls from various New York City schools involved in this competition. Together they all raised $70,815.55.  So Lucy raised pretty close to half of the entire take on her own.

You think I’m a little proud?

But,  all of you who contributed to her fund helped make that happen. And we are so very grateful.

Beyond grateful. So many of you readers came through. THANK YOU.  THANK YOU. THANK YOU.

The event was Friday night.  They honored  the sweetest little girl, Charlotte, who is suffering from Leukemia. You would have never guessed it by the way she ran around and enchanted the room.  And she had had chemo the day before.  Her parents shared their heartbreaking story, but thanks to all the advances in treatment Charlotte has a good chance of beating this disease.

They are making great strides in finding a cure for Leukemia and Lymphoma.  But fund raising is essential and especially now with what will surely be new government’s cuts to science.     The researchers need money to do their job.    And Lucy will now get to go visit a lab where they are working to find new cures.

Again, thank you all!   And Lucy, I’m standing up applauding you again, alone in the kitchen as I type this, my heart bursting with pride.




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