Mar 1, 2017by tracey Comments

As many of you figured out we had put up the wrong link to Lucy’s Leukemia/Lymphoma money raising event. Or I put it up. Well, Lucy did give it to me. Though in all fairness the buck stops here.

But you are all, well, not all, but many of you are very clever and contacted me to get the right link. And I thank you – thank you – thank you.

Here is the correct link

You have 24 hours. The event ends on the 3rd.

Those of you who donated – Special place in my heart for all of you. And if you go to this page you can see some of the fine folks who helped Lucy achieve her goal. Well, we are not there yet, but a lot can happen in 24 hours.

I am very grateful to all of you who donated her. Really and truly – I am.