Nov 16, 2016by tracey Comments

 If you read yesterdays blog I told you I would post an email I solicited from a friend in the Mid west who is an ardent Trump supporter. 
I am posting it because it is an authentic, unedited explanation of what millions of Americans  feel. 
Feelings are real. I will never deny someone their feelings.   I feel sad my friend has felt marginalized in the way he and his friends  have. He served our country.  He is a good person.
I only wish someone else had to come to the forefront other than Donald Trump.
But read this. You might learn something. People have said they felt unheard – so sometimes we need to listen even if you do not agree with the politics. 
Thank you M for so openly, cogently and elegantly  explaining  your support for DJT.
Unlike many who voted for DJT you shall always be my friend.
In the very beginning of the Republican primaries, I absolutely was not enthused about him. The most I knew about Trump, was that he was a hugely successful real estate mogul. I knew he had a reality show for some time, but had never seen one episode. I assumed it was a publicity stunt and that he’d go away quickly. As the the primaries went on and he began to lay out his views, I took interest. Here was a guy saying things that you’d never hear a politician say and for me, it was refreshing. An outsider with zero political experience saying what many in America have thought for a long time. He wasn’t particularly eloquent. He had some missteps and more than one cringe worthy moment, but to me, he was genuine and I started to believe that he truly spoke from his heart, which is completely opposite of the typical polished politician that rolls out every election cycle. The same old song and dance routine, only the dance partners change every 4 years. Despite his wealth, success, and fame, here is a guy that I feel I can actually relate to. Someone I could drink a beer with, if I still drank. Ha. An every man, if you will. Trump struck a chord with those of us who have felt forgotten and marginalized in our own country. Many of my friends feel the same way. Trump created a movement that has clearly resonated with millions, regardless of political affiliation, race, gender, religion, or sexual preference. The proof is in his victory. We the people, have been sold a load of crap for years from both parties. I’ve always believed Washington DC to be a “good old boy’s club”, where they blow smoke up our asses, while maintaining the status quo. I think deep down, most people understand that politicians are corrupt to a degree, but we’ve been conditioned to just accept it as part of the process. Trump has exposed the establishment corruption of which both parties are a part of. He not only turned over the proverbial apple cart, he blew the damn thing apart. We’ve never seen anything like this in our lifetime. I have never in my life been so passionate or more proud to be an American than I do right now. Trump didn’t need any of this. He could gladly have lived out his years doing what he does. He fought for what he believes against insurmountable odds and millions of Americans stand with him. I don’t recall any other election or any other presidential candidate endure what this man has. Both parties were, in affect, united against him. That’s very telling to me.
I want to touch on his policies. Building a wall and stopping illegal immigration, is a must. We are overrun with illegals. Here in small town Western Kansas, we have a huge immigrant population, mostly Hispanic. Some legal, most not. And I’ve worked with both. And for the record, this has nothing to do with hate or racism, or whatever bullshit spin the media wants to put on it. I want to clear the air on this point right now.  I’m a veteran as you know. I proudly served with men of all colors on the field of battle. I would have gladly laid my life down for any one of them, as they would have for me. My daughter is engaged to an African American. My son to a Hispanic. I absolutely resent being labeled a racist, nazi, homophobe, and every other label that gets thrown at a Trump supporter. Hillary’s basket of deplorables comment was a huge nail in her coffin. I work with Mexicans who came here legally and voted for Trump. They are for the wall. They are tired of doing things the right way, only to find themselves in competition with illegals for jobs. Mexico isn’t sending us their brightest and best. We have a huge problem with gangs, criminals, and drugs. That is irrefutable. I have seen first hand my tax dollars going to subsidize illegals via food stamps and other programs. They send their money back home and when its time to go, they haul ass back to Mexico to live like kings. They are not here to embrace America, they are here to exploit it. When I stand in line at the grocery store and see their carts piled high with groceries, and then paying with their ebt cards without uttering a word of English, I get angry. In essence, I paid for those groceries while my family and I struggle to make ends meet, and that is not an exaggeration. No illegal immigrant should get preferential treatment over an American citizen ever. As long as there are homeless vets, starving children, and elderly living on the penance our government gives them, no illegal immigrant should get anything from us. I mentioned veterans, so on to the VA.
Our VA is a joke and in dire need of an overhaul. We have veterans dying at an alarming rate while waiting to get sub par treatment. We have homeless veterans sleeping on the street. Completely unacceptable. Our veterans have been asked to make the ultimate sacrifice if need be, only to be cast aside and forgotten once they have outlived their usefulness. Horseshit on that. Trump is the only person I’ve heard address this issue. Never once, did I hear it come from Hillary.
Repeal Obamacare. Its an abysmal failure. Forcing people to pay for insurance that most cant afford and then fining them because they can’t is completely wrong, and its the boat that we are in. We’ve been fined since its inception to the point that we’ve had to work out payment arrangements with the IRS while accruing interest and penalties. Unacceptable.
I’m pro second amendment
I’m pro life, but believe in abortion in the case of rape, incest, or endangering the mother’s life. 100% against late term abortion, unless the mother’s life is in danger.
Since I got on board, I have gone out of my way to learn more about the man. Has he said things cringe worthy. Yes. Has he attacked others. Yes. Am I bothered by some of it. Yes, some. The difference is I forgive him. How do I come to that conclusion? By looking at myself. I have said and done unforgivable things in my life. . I’ve been forgiven, but more importantly, I’m learning to forgive myself. And yes my friend, you have helped play a part in this process. I find it ironic, that a man who has lived in the public eye for so long, would suddenly become a racist, homophobe, misogynist, etc, the year he runs against Hillary Clinton for the office of president??? Suddenly, the last couple months of the election, women come pouring out of the woodwork to accuse him of all sorts of unsavory behavior. I may live in fly over country, but I know bullshit when I see it. The rioters out today have no ground to stand on. We had an election and the people spoke. This continual behavior is one of the reasons we have Trump as president. Most Americans want the best for their families. They want to work and provide. They want to feel safe. They want to play by the rules while expecting others to do the same. They want a better and brighter future for themselves and our country. But most importantly, in my opinion, they want to feel that they matter. That what they do is important and makes a difference. They want to leave this country better off than they found it, and to pass that on to future generations. Trump gives us that voice and that hope that we can come together as Americans and make America great again. Its a campaign slogan, but I believe in it.