Nov 27, 2016by tracey Comments

Tomorrow is declared #GIVINGTUESDAY  but I thought I would jump start it today.

Every day should be #GIVINGDAY especially this time of year. So much need. I fear very soon so much more.

Our family always gives coats to the New York Cares Coat Drive.  I dive into all the closets and snatch a coat from everyone.

But this year when I logged onto the the New York Cares site, I saw people could do their own individual drives for New York Cares. Set a goal and then go out there and try to reach it.

So, I set my goal at 200 coats. I am going to collect two hundred coats by December 21st, or at least I am going to give it my all. And whatever the short fall is I will make it up by donating to New York Cares to purchase a coat.  If you don’t have a coat to give you can send them $20.00 and that buys a coat for someone in need.

But this drive will somehow donate  200 coats.

I know I have readers all over the place and some of you have not experienced winters like these. It’s sad enough to see people living in the streets, but when you see them freezing it really breaks your heart. And I know we all have our favorite charities in our own towns. But a cold person is a cold person – doesn’t really matter where you live does it?

SOOOOOO, I BEG all of you reading this, please go to your closet, see if you have one coat, or two or three. Men, women’s or children’s. It does not matter.  Any coat will do. Though of course the warmer the better. But really anything.

Email me and I will tell you where to send it. If you want me to reimburse you for postage I will. I know it’s like ‘Oh what a drag to go to the Post Office this time of year.” And it is. But then think, “Oh what a drag to be living in the streets or a shelter and not have a coat for the long winter.”

If you live in New York City I will pick it up from you.

I will deliver them all to New York Cares on December 22. I will also write a check on that day to make up the difference.

So if you read this today, start looking for your coats, email me and arrange for the shipping or pick up that should all around Tuesday in one way or another, and that will mean your #GIVINGTUESDAY is covered!

I’m actually making it easy for you.

And if you want you can tweet.
I gave to New York Cares #GIVINGTUESDAY

Only if you like that sort of thing.

Doesn’t really matter as long as we get those coats.

So on your mark get set – GIVE A COAT!

I thank you in advance.