Jan 2, 2015by tracey Comments


Yesterday was a magical day for us. We brought in the New Year by walking around Paris. We started at one o’clock and literally never sat down until almost seven. We saw a show at the Grand Palais and we walked up the Camps Élysées where there was a parade. At the end of the parade they totally shut down the entire boulevard  and it became a pedestrian zone. It then became a parade of the people.

At a certain point the sky just started changing colors. If you believe in God it was as if God was putting on his own light show in the city of lights.

L1110484 begining



L1110485 champs pink

L1110492 ave montaigne

L1110497 eiffel tower trees

L1110514 sins


L1110511 pont

L1110536 grand palais

L1110522 sieneL1110525 bridgeL1110523 tour


These photos were not retouched or played with in anyway.