Meetup with Tracey and Paul in NYC

Jan 13, 2015by admin Comments

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It’s a new year.  New leaves are turning over everywhere. Resolutions are already being abandoned.  Others are starting to weaken. Let us help you and let’s help each other make the changes we want to make and support each other in those changes. Through communication, sharing and starting with our  First Affirmation of Personal Freedom ~

“Something Needs To Change And It’s Probably Me”

This first meeting is about getting to know each other and learning to feel comfortable with the concepts of change.

Bring an open mind, a notebook, a willingness to be honest and forthright with yourself. It all starts with you.

We all have something we want to change. We all have impulses that tend to control us –  from too much tech, over spending, over eating, anger management, isolation, procrastination…we believe “recovery is not just for addicts.”

Understand we are all works in progress. We learn from each other and as we say in Gratitude and Trust – “Soon is not a time.” The time for change is now.

So join us on January 18th as we embark on this new journey in Gratitude and Trust.

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