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So this is my little spot on the web. I have a bunch of new followers today, if you’re looking for gratitude and trust that is on the other site. Though I am grateful and trusting here,  this is my fun place to go and write about whatever is on my mind.

I just devoted one thousand words to my gratitude for Oprah, for Super Soul Sunday and for the fact that thanks to the amazing Oprah Winfrey and Super Soul Sunday our book moved up from 11.419 in the morning to 32 as I write this.

And I have been Tweeting and Facebooking and doing my grateful best all day. And now I just mosied over here for some frivolity.

Even Oprah writes about make-up. She may not write about it, but she has people do it in her magazine and on her website. She always has her favorite slippers, lip balms, candles and cashmere throws in every magazine.

So , I’m totally guilt free about jabbering about products.

Now I’ve been meaning to address the Rimowa issue. I know three years ago I told everyone if they could splurge to go out and buy Rimowa luggage. It was sleek, it was cool, it was lightweight and indestructible. Well, did I say indestructible? I don’t remember. The link is here.

If I said it I take it back. If I didn’t my unconscious had better sense than my minimalist taste. The stuff is crazy destructible.
You know the story of my bag and Air Canada. Well, a few weeks ago I was at the airport with Glenn and looked down at his and it was totally cracked.   And I looked over at the guy next to me in baggage check-in and he had a Rimowa that was all bashed in. It was like I was a character in a don’t buy this luggage commercial. Only I had already bought it.

So I take it all back. I don’t care if the Rimowa police come after me for trashing their product. They should not make something so fine looking that takes ton of abuse and can’t hold up to it. They just should not.

If you have to have a piece – the carry on’s work well as they never leave your side. But I think I might avoid them all together now.

That felt good – just a little retail therapy writing.

And my favorite make-up of the month….

The girls love it when I do this. They do and I haven’t been doing enough of it.

Product of the week is Givenchy  Long Wearing Compact Foundation.  You carry it in your purse, it has a little blush thing with it. In the middle of the day, it makes you look like you just put on your make-up. The blush wakes you up, but don’t over do the pink stuff or it can get a little kabuki.

The less expensive version would be Clinique Real Compact Makeup. Really good. More colors to choose from, you just don’t get the blush.

When you are traveling and doing as many events as I am these days  you think about luggage and make-up. Well, I think about make-up a lot. Always have. Since I was a little girl. I guess you could say I am very grateful someone invented makeup and they keep perfecting it.



Clinique Perfectly Real Compact Make-Up.
Clinique Perfectly Real Compact Make-Up.