Oct 22, 2014by tracey Comments

I got so many responses to my suitcase saga blog. It was really impressive.  People really wanted to help me. And come on, it was just a suitcase.

But I have good friends and loyal readers.

My friend Ira Nadel who lives in Vancouver got in touch with a friend’s son who happens to work high up at Air Canada and he offered to help me.

I needed help as the website would not even let me enter my info to make a claim online.  I had heard from no one at that point in regards to any financial restitution.

But the day and the bag were saved by my friend Paulette Alden Robinson. Who on her own surfed the web like a Hawaiian until she found the email address for the president of Air Canada. I don’t know how she did this. But she sent me an email that was a letter someone else had written to him with a random complaint. His email address in bold at the top.   She also found all the names of all the important people at Air Canada. But the email address of the president was the key.

I sent him a very nice email. I said I knew he was a bit high up the food chain to deal with such a trivial manner, but it was impossible to make contact with anyone who dealt with these things.  I asked if he would hand this over to the person who took care of such matters.  I then sent him my blog.

I had an email within 36 hours, that they would cover the price of a bag for me. I could have my Tumi to replace my Rimowa. They were sorry but they had no address for me.

I called Philip in Dallas. He said he had also sent them an email. But by then the  president had received mine and  they gave him the OK.

However it had taken so long  I had bought a Tumi as I had to fly to Paris on Monday and this was not sorted out until Monday am. But they are sending me one size down which I need for shorter trips.

So I ended up with a matched set!

Thank you Paulette!!! You could open a new business taking care of these things for people. Well, she is a personal manager so I guess she does!