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I got this letter today from our beloved bookstore in  Long Island  – Book Hampton. It’s one of the last of its kind.  They are so generous to authors and readers alike. I don’t know what the community would do if it closed.

So any of you who are about to buy your next book, for yourself or perhaps a Mother’s Day gift,  please take a minute and buy it from them. We all must fight to keep the small stores alive. We can’t become a totally online world.

Thank you.



I have included a few books Glenn the girls and I can suggest to buy.



Spring 2014

Dear Friends and Neighbors and BookLovers:

The most wonderful part of owning BookHampton has been the discovery of

new books and the camaraderie of fellow readers. The saddest part is the

awareness that all things, even those we cherish most, have days that are


The frozen Winter and this very chilly Spring caught BookHampton in a

grip that has brought us to our knees. We’re fighting to have one more

Summer, and not to be bowed by the writing on the wall that forced our

colleagues to close their doors. In NYC alone: Coliseum Books, Gotham,

Endicott, Shakespeare & Co., Murder Ink, the lovely Madison Avenue

Bookshop, the incomparable Books & Co., BN Lincoln Center and now

Rizzoli – all gone.

A good friend asked if there’s anything that we can do to hold on to

BookHampton. As I tried to find one more answer, the brilliant metaphor of

the great writer Anne LaMott came to mind. “My brother,” she wrote in

Bird by Bird, “was trying to get a report on birds written that he’d had three

months to write. It was due the next day… he was at the kitchen table close

to tears… immobilized by the hugeness of the task ahead. Then my father

sat down beside him, put his arm around my brother’s shoulder, and said,

‘Bird by bird, buddy. Just take it bird by bird.'”

So here then is my answer and a heartfelt request: Could you please help us

take on the enormous challenge of saving BookHampton book by book. If

every one of our friends, neighbors, and booklovers would be so kind as to

buy one book today, it would make a true and immediate difference:

Please take a moment to order just one book right now from BookHampton

Any book at all.

Tell us the book you’re looking for or let us make a great recommendation.

We’ll hold it in store or ship it anywhere!


Or call us : (631) 324-4939 or (631) 488-5953.

BookHampton is the literary cornerstone of our community;

the beach, the farms, and this bookstore enrich all our lives

and nourish our souls.

Thank you, in advance, for taking the time today to save BookHampton

book by book.


and Chris, Billy, Kim, Taylor, Mary, Sarah, Greg, Kate, Ken

Click here and tell us the book you’re looking for

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