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Valentine’s Day is day after tomorrow.  Did you put off buying something for that special someone?  Have you forgotten the holiday all together? Were you thinking one of those Teleflora bouquets made out of red carnations?  If so I might just be able to save your forgetful ass.  Marla Aaron makes some of the coolest jewelry around.  I’m jonesing for her ear cuffs.

But her line centers around the locks which are handmade here in NY.  Marla starts with the lock and moves on from there, adding whatever you want.  Or in this case, when you are a bit behind the proverbial gift eight ball, you get what she has in stock.  If you move fast you can have it by Friday.

Or I have a better suggestion, if you pick something from Marla you really like, and it might take a few days – Write a beautiful, poetic card about how much you love her.  Not Marla, that special someone.  Go on – stretch yourself – you can do it.  I know it’s been awhile.  But love is like riding a bike, you just have to climb back on. So write her the note and tell her that the custom made item you had done for her in NYC was held up due to the storm. There is a big storm tomorrow, so even if you hadn’t fallen down on the job you might be in the same situation.  Then give her the card, and maybe a photo of the item.   Wine her and dine her and romance her.   Then do the whole thing over again when the gift arrives.

I know what women like. I do. I am one.

Fastest way to get in touch with Marla is though email. She has hearts in stock. So just listen to me. Glenn does and he will tell you, life is much easier when you do.

Happy Valentines Day!

Here are some quick facts about the collection:
  • everything is real.
  • Everything, including the brass is finished by hand.
  • Every lock and finding was drawn first by hand and then rendered using 3D printing technology or hand carved.
  • Everything can be engraved-

Marla says…..

The collection was born out of my dual fascination with locks and “fixtures”  and my awe at historically significant jewelry through the ages. My line is made entirely in NYC.  
In New York her collection is sold at the Gary Graham boutique in NYC and Kickpleat in Austin.
Marla Aaron Jewelry
A Tastefairy Company
Phone: 646-263-7642
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