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My in-laws 60th anniversary, Lucy’s 14th birthday, President’s Weekend, and the endless winter drove us to Florida for the long weekend.

We have spent more time than usual in Florida of late, due to the declining health of my father-in-law.  I think this is the fourth trip in as many months.

The hotel staff is getting to recognize us. I don’t write about each time we go as I tend to unplug when I get there.

Creatures of habit that we are when in Boca we stay at the same hotel,  The Boca Resort; a wonderful Addison Mizner structure.  While it has been updated over the years, the Mizner bones remain in tact.

A little blurb from in the in-house magazine informed me that

“On Feb, 6 1926, the Cloister Inn, modeled by architect  Addison Mizner after a Spanish castle, opens as the most expensive 100-room hotel of its day at 1.25 million dollars.”

It now has more than a hundred rooms. They have added on a tower, and a beach club, what is purported to be the best  spa in America and endless condos circling the golf course. It has on of the best gyms I know and an outpost of Serendipity from New York.

But despite all the modern additions, it still feels like something from another time, as did the three days of bright sunshine.


L1080215 whtie looby

L1080192 palm court

L1080188 lobbu

L1080184 fotnain inside

L1080185 fish on wall

L1080059 lobby flowers


L1080051 windows

L1080049 serendity

L1080070 monkey bar

L1080071 close up monkey

L1080058 bulldog

L1080175 outdoor fountain

L1080181 back

L1080189 jellys

L1080195 room

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 9.34.50 PM

L1080217 ladies room

L1080200 arches at night

L1080216 palm courtat nightL1080099 shorter view

L1080102 moom