Feb 4, 2014by tracey Comments

That is the theme of the new windows  at Bergdorf Goodman that were designed by Grey Area’s Kyle deWoody and a host of the artists she and her partner Manish Vora represent.  The store stayed open late, and the third floor was packed with people in a kind of pre-fashion week – let’s celebrate art and fashion evening. Scattered throughout the third floor, the artists have set up installations /displays the that use the clothes as the foundation.  It’s the perfect blend of art and fashion.

There is something about an empty Bergdorf Goodman that makes everything look even more appealing than it already does. I took Taylor as my plus one, and we wanted to run from floor to floor.  But we stayed on three, chatted with a few people we knew and then went off to dinner.

The windows are worth seeing if you are in New York and should be up for the next month.

Screen Shot 2014-02-04 at 9.49.42 PM

L1070986 red

L1070990 bear 3

L1070991 w4

L1080008 pink and orL1080009 raned

L1070994 red and white

L1080006 snakes

L1080002 blass

L1070998 rockad and clothjer

L1080013 flyng beiforheead

L1080012 head