Nov 1, 2013by tracey Comments

I know it’s Saturday. I forgot to post this yesterday. I’m afraid if I wait until next Friday they might be all sold out.  But  a Friday find is just as fine on Saturday.


It’s been a long time since I wished I had a really little kid.  I have two wonderful girls, one a grown-up and the other a teen. I am very happy the way things are.  I can walk by little pink dresses without feeling the need to buy or lamenting that my girls are now too big and are likely home rifling through my closets.  I breeze by babies in strollers, knowing the next time I push one it will be my grandchild, and I am OK with that. But, the other day for the first time I saw an item that made me long for a young-un.

It was of all things – a lunch box.  I ran across it on Food52’s new online retail site Provisions. I sat staring at it thinking of who I could by one for.

Taylor would certainly not take her lunch to work that way, though it might be sort of retro and cute. Glenn with a lunchbox?  Don’t think so. And Lucy would rather poke needles in her eye then carry a lunch made by moi.

I tried to see if I could find someone to buy it for for Christmas. But, most of my friends who have kids are either having babies ( my young friends) or they are older like mine.

So I figured,I would put it up here hoping someone would love it as much as I do and maybe buy one. Someone has to have this lunchbox.

It just makes you long to pack a lunch and write a note. “I Love You. Have a Great Day.xoxoxomom”

I may buy one and stick it away for my grandchildren.


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