Mother's Day is Sunday if you're scrambling, have forgotten, never know what to get, don't have much time or need a little help here are some things I would be thrilled to get.....Every one can be ordered and rushed. So if you haven't bought anything for that special mom person ~ chop-chop.


May 9, 2012by tracey Comments

Mother’s Day is Sunday if you’re scrambling, have forgotten, never know what to get, don’t have much time or need a little help here are some things I would be thrilled to get…..Every one can be ordered and rushed. So if you haven’t bought anything for that special mom person ~ chop-chop.


You can't go wrong with this.


Equipment blouses have come back with a vengeance. Orange is the trending color. These are popular because they really do look good on everyone and you can wear it with most anything.  If mom is normal size you can be safe and go with a large, if she is a little less than normal go medium. She will love it. You can order them fast on Net-a-Porter.  Price $225.00. If you are new to Net-a-Porter be sure you go in and click United States or you will be paying in pounds!

Kate Spade Make-Up Case


I like this so much I’m posting two photos. It’s a great size. Most women love animal print especially when nothing has been killed to get it. This is good for cosmetics, jewelry, all those loose cables, chords and chargers. It’s a gem as Taylor would say. You can order it at Kate Spade online and it’s $88.00. Why do I feel like I’m writing dialogue for The Price is Right?

Look at that red interior. It's great. I want one now!


J. Crew Tessellate Necklace

Spring and summer are all about color. Necklaces are having a big moment and this one is fab. It’s $85.00 at J.Crew online.

While I’m in the land of greens and florals these are a little more but worth it. It’s no secret I’m a big Dannijo fan, but there is a reason. Every time I wear something of theirs people ask me where I got it. Want to see any mom smile?  These are the ticket.  Dannijo online. $195.00


Dannijo's Esme Earrings.


Wearing lots of Bracelets is also a big thing right now. This one is pretty enough to wear on its own or pile on with a group.


Lulu Frost Gold Plated Crystal Feather Bracelet is a great gift. $225.00


How about a basket weave iPhone case for summer? Kate Spade too. $40.00

If mom has a computer, an e-Reader or an iAnything this is a great gift. Get her an account and load it with some of her favorite magazines.

A Zinnio Account.



They have almost anything you want and it's a great thing to have with summer coming up.

You can get the APP here. Then load her up.

Come On Baby Buy Her A Fire.


It might not be the most original of gifts. Amazon claims it’s the number one seller for the season. The stock seems to be reflecting that. It’s a great gadget. And for the price you get a lot of features. I really love mine. You know where AMAZON.

A book that can't be Uploaded - Ralph Rucci

Anyone who read my blog last week knows how I feel about this book. Ralph Rucci’s Autobiography of a Fashion Designer. You can get it through Bauer and Dean.

You Want to Keep Mom in the Kitchen?


Food52’s new cookbook is awesome.  It just got the James Beard Award and if mom likes to cook she will love this. If she doesn’t it might change her mind. You can get it many places and Food52 will lead you to them.

There is a good chance Mom is over 50!


Last Mother’s Day Oprah online had this as one of the top three choices for what to get mom. I think it’s a classic.  You can get it from Amazon.

BTW – I didn’t intend for this to be the biggest image on the page, it was the one I had. And well, come on, it is my blog!

I love notebooks and nobody does them better than Smythson.

Mom might love one of these and she will write little memos about how much she loves you! Available at both Net-A-Porter and Smythson.

Let Her Know How You Really Feel


I happen to love tote bags. I read somewhere it has to do with mothers, Freud and vaginas, which I guess makes it the perfect Mother’s Day gift. If mom is a little too chic to carry the one above which you can pick up at Zazzle, and you want to spend a little more dough ~ Dannijo.

This is for the Boho mom or the socially conscious mom.


As each one is  Handmade (with Love) in the Rwandan cooperative of Cocoki, each bag features a signature DANNIJO bib pattern and is tagged with a signed photo of the woman who handmade it. Part of our women’s empowerment initiative. You can get this at Dannijo

And the grand poobah of  tote bags for me this year goes to the Coach and artist James Nares collaboration.  I just love everything about this. I don’t know what Freud would say, but I say heaven.

James Nares Totes, made by Coach.


You can get those at Coach online.

And even if you just give her a card, a flower and say I love you she might be happy. Might is the operative word there.