Today Taylor turns twenty - one. I've been sitting here for an hour trying to think of something that doesn't sound like a cliche. Where have the years gone? It feels like just yesterday I brought her home from the hospital. Turn around and they are an adult. Enjoy every minute as before you know it they will be gone. It's all true. img class="size-full wp-image-10849" title="Taylor Robin" src="" alt="" width="287" height="432" />


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Today Taylor turns twenty – one.

I’ve been sitting here for an hour trying to  think of something that doesn’t sound like  a cliche.  Where have the years gone? It feels like just yesterday I brought her home from the hospital.  Turn around and they are an adult.  Enjoy every minute as before you know it they will be gone. It’s all true.

Well, here it is, today she is officially according the United States of America an adult, with all the privileges and challenges that brings.  I think she is up to the job.  The question is am I?

Despite what Time magazine says,  and Lucy constantly loves to toss this about, parents do not prefer one child over another.  But there is  something about that first moment with your first child that can not be repeated.  The miracle of birth you can do again and again. The love and caring of each child no matter what order they arrive  is as moving,  nurturing and sometimes confounding with any one of them.

But the first time you look at a child that is yours something clicks. If you are a normal woman you think  here I am  with this person, who is both on loan to me and mine for life. For the first time, at least in my case, I understood  what it was like to care for someone more than myself.  That my needs were going to come in second from then on.  That the care and feeding and clothing, ( that is a big one)  and her future were suddenly in my hands.  And that feeling that cannot be compared to any other; the profound love a mother feels for a child is something you really have to live through, words do not do it justice.

And despite the fact she is twenty – one now,  and she can drink and vote and her custodial accounts are now in her own name,  and other official things are no longer under my jurisdiction, she will always be my baby.  I will always feel her needs come before mine. Her happiness more important than my own.  I will always feel with both my girls that no matter what their age , I am responsible for them as long as I am alive and sane.

So today, May 19th, 2012  Taylor Allegra I wish you a Happy, Happy Birthday. I thank you for coming into my life and teaching me what unconditional love really means.  I thank you for all the good times, the trying times, the things you have taught me about life and myself and what it means to be a mom.

I wish you the best life has to give. May you find meaningful work that enriches you and sustains you in every way.  May you find someone like Glenny who loves you for who you are and lets you be who you are. If you want them, I hope you have children who bring you as much joy as you and your sister have brought me.
Take care of your health and hopefully your health will take care of you. And know that every day you are loved and will be loved for as long as I am on this earth.

Step into adulthood with your head high, your mind open, your enthusiasm on over-drive, the knowledge you have to work hard to make it all work, and as good a handbag on your arm as you can afford. OK, I will over that one!

I love you. It has gone fast. It does feel like  just yesterday I brought you home. But, I look forward to many years of good times ahead.

Happy Birthday My Love and Many, Many, Many, Many More!

Click Below for the complete schmaltzy effect. It’s not the same without it. Plus I mean it.

OK, so I was a little over-protective.
She still loves the bath.


I bought her that dress the day I found out I was having a girl. We still have it. Maybe one day her daughter will wear it!


Our Christmas Card One Year. Her first professional photo.
She Was Destined To Love Purses.


And Room Service Too!
She has Rockette Potential


The Simple Moments Stand Out.
We Used To Go To The Park Every Saturday





Maui Her First Big Trip. Little Did She Know How Many Were To Come!


She Went To School.


First Taste Of Freedom. Notice It Was The Back Yard.


What To Say?


She Started Getting Bigger and Older….


Her Sister Lucy Came Along When She Was Eight. Another Gift.


When She Was Thirteen I Took Her To India, Just The Two Of Us.


We All Went To Egypt.


When She Was Fifteen We Made A Movie Together. Good Sport Does Not Begin To Describe Her Participation


The Kids Loved Her! She Loved Them Back.


Her Second Professional Photo Shoot, By Robin Saidman


The Family That Travels Together….
We’ve Had So Many Good Times! I Just Love These Girls.



And They Love Each Other….Most Of The Time!
She’s Spent Time With Some Very Interesting People


Buck Henry Remains One Of Her Favorites.


At Topaki Palace In Istanbul. For 21 She Has Seen A Lot Of The World.
She Fell In Love With Photography. And She Is Really Good At It.
Even In Freezing Conditions She Is Out There Shooting.


In Prague


One Of My favorite Photos. Berlin.
Senior Prom…The Years Were Flying
Her 17th Birthday…Wasn’t That Just Yesterday?



She Turned Into A Beautiful Young Lady.




Her First Day Of College. Freshman! Now She Is A Senior!


She Loves Her Dogs.
All Grown Up!


And Much More On Her Own Now



But I Don’t Care What The Government Says ~ She Will Always Be My Baby!