Stopped by The Museum of Arts and Decoration for lunch and to see a super exhibit called Hanging Around. Tons and tons of necklaces!


Apr 19, 2012by tracey Comments

There is a wonderful museum in Columbus Circle called  The Museum of Arts and Design. I have been meaning to go into it since, well, four years. Yesterday I finally  made it;  thanks to my friend Arthur Brooks who suggested we have lunch at the restaurant Robert , which has a spectacular view from the seventh floor of the museum.

If Arthur hadn’t said let’s go, I’m sure I would have been at Pain Quotidian eating my usual quinoa salad.

So we had a terrific lunch and then on the way down I saw they had an exhibit of necklaces from their own collection called Hanging Around. Well, I was so there. Actually I was so tossed out and told I had to go down and buy a ticket. Arthur waited for me in the gift shop as I don’t think he wanted me to spend twelve dollars on him to look at a bunch of necklaces. He’s a very good sport, he didn’t even have to wait for me.

It’s  a wonderful museum.They also have a show up now of glass sculptures  from The Venice Biennale. So if you are coming to NYC or live here I suggest stopping by and if you have time, have a meal or drink at Robert.  BTW, Robert is not the chef, it’s named after the uber event planner the  late Robert Isabell.


Part of the view from Robert, the rest looks towards the park


The Room Where They Are Displayed
Necklace under glass.


Slinky Necklace - sort of.
I did not have a pen and was rushing so I do not know the designers.


Except this one which is early Robert Lee Morris


I think this one is very cool. Not so easy to wear.


Here you can see who designed it.


You could just put it on with whatever you are wearing.


This was either made out of paper or enamel. I know it's like saying it was either a car or a boat. I just don't remember.


Heavy is the neck that wears this necklace




90's Madonna Bra, Jean Paul Gautier looking necklace


I'm really not sure what is going on here, but I liked it.


Under the vitrines they had about twenty drawers filled with more necklaces.


Color Blocking. Not sure how you get this on. You must need a very small head.


I would so wear this


This was actually my favorite.


This was the central bubble, filled with cigarette butts. It didn't make me want to go back to smoking but it did make me laugh


I found out after I wrote this whole thing that all the designers are listed along with the names and dates  of each piece. I’m too lazy to redo it. So if you are interested click on the Hanging Around link to see what is what by whom.