Starting out the week, some questions to ponder.....


Jan 22, 2012by tracey Comments

Starting out the week, some questions to ponder…..

1)   Do you like your life?

2) Do you like your work?

3)  Are you engaged with what you do and see yourself doing it for years to come?

4)  If you are in a relationship is it the one you want to be in? Do you really love the person you are with?  Are you a better you with this person in your life?

5)  If you are alone are you happy that way?  Some people are.  If not, what can you do to attract people to you so you can form a connection? Or what might you be doing that keeps people away?

6)  Do you feel you give back enough?

7)  Do you take enough time for you?

8)  Are there people in your life who add nothing and in fact are actually a negative presence?  Do you have the courage to let them go? What would your world look like if they were not there?

9) Do you know who your real friends are? Have they been put to the test and failed?  If they failed then are they your friends?

10) Do you believe in a being greater than yourself? If so does this give you comfort? If not are you comfortable with that?

11) If you died today what would be your biggest regret?  Can you fix it before it’s too late?


I don’t have your answers.  Just thought I would pose the questions.