Dec 24, 2011by tracey Comments

Whatever God you may or may not follow today is about the birth of Christ. While in many ways the holiday has taken on a very circus like atmosphere, the quiet contemplation and celebration of his birth can still be found in some places.

While wandering the back streets of the Trastevere section of Rome today  we happened into two churches, not fancy gilted  ones, but simple churches, each one dedicated to a Saint. One was dedicated to St. Cecilia  and the other a small church called  St. Benedetto in Piscinula  dates back to the tenth century. It is where at the age of fourteen  St. Benedict lived when he came to Rome.  He contemplated and prayed in a tiny cell that is now a chapel.

In both these churches the people who run them were getting ready to celebrate the birth of Christ. Watching them go about their duties quietly and joyfully was a glorious reminder of what this holiday truly means.

Merry Christmas and Bless You All.

Nun playing an organ to God in an empty church.
Nuns preparing the Church
Quietly getting ready.
The tomb of St. Cecelia.


San Benedetto in Piscinula


The cell of St. Benedict.


What hangs above his alter today.