Today starts Cyber Week with Cyber Monday being the big kick off day for let’s max out our plastic without ever getting dressed and leaving the house.


Nov 27, 2011by tracey Comments

Today starts Cyber Week with Cyber Monday being the big kick off day for let’s max out our plastic without ever getting dressed and leaving the house.

We all know along with multi-carat diamond jewelry electronics are the number one seller online. OK, people don’t really buy multi-carat jewelry online, but they do buy electronics.  And this year Jeff Bezos is hoping the number one item on  many people’s lists will be the new Kindle Fire.

Just to stay one step ahead and to try it out for all of you I went ahead and ordered one before it came out.  I want you to know this was not an impulsive purchase.  That little Technicolor devil has been winking at me from my screen for months.  I pondered it by the hour, which was a great way to avoid work coupled with the fact I didn’t need it.

I don’t know what it was about it that caught my eye. Yes I do, it was brilliant marketing and great graphics, it just looked too damn cool, so eventually I went and bought one.

I figured now that I fancy myself a techy in training I thought I needed to have the latest gadget. That’s not true either, I just couldn’t say not to its cute little graphics. I’m a sucker for great graphics and my Kindle while very useful looks very boring.

I like the way my books looked in the Cloud.  I knew my books would look the same on the Fire. I liked the idea it had internet. I had never played with Android Apps.  It’s smaller than my iPad, thus I could lug it around with me. I was coming up with many ways to  justify the purchase.

Despite what people say you can’t just toss your iPad in your purse and head out. Well you can, but I don’t,  it’s too big. Not to mention I don’t like reading on my iPad. I like e-ink, which is why if I’m not reading a book I’m reading on my rather normal Kindle.

So why did I need the Fire? Why do most of us need many of the electronics we end up with?

We just can’t say no. Those damn graphics and the fear of being left behind. What if this is the most amazing thing ever?

So it arrived last week. Yes, it’s small. Indeed it’s cute. Books look good, the covers look swell, but I still prefer e-ink for reading.

I love the size. I can in fact answer emails on it, despite the fact the keys are very hard to deal with. It does however have a nifty little thing that when you start to type a word about six versions of what you might want appear for you to choose from. With my feeble spelling this is a great addition. Figuring out how to cut and paste and add links is something I have not mastered. I’m not even sure you can.

In terms of Android Apps, they have a lot of catching up to do.  In terms of email it is not up to Apple standards.

I don’t’ know other tablets, so I can’t compare many other functions..

Once the first evening of  “isn’t  this new and fun” wore out it started to annoy me.  It as not what I was used to and something about it made me not want to get used to it. Maybe I felt disloyal to my iPad and trusty old Kindle.

But the next day I threw it in my purse to take with me. I thought OK, I can read a magazine on it, cool, I can read a book on it, nifty, I can do email, practical, and it’s a bigger screen than my iPhone, goof for my eyes.  Not to mention I will look very up to date as it had just come out.

Well, it’s WiFi but not 3G, so that eliminates using it anywhere other than friend’s houses where you can log onto their systems or internet cafes, hotels and the like. This really takes its usability down many notches for me.

I don’t really read magazines on the go and I didn’t really go anywhere where I had spare time to read a book  I didn’t use it for recipes on Thanksgiving, but I did use my iPad for that.  I have had it now five days.  I still read off my old Kindle.

I still reach for my iPad first thing in the morning to see my emails and read various blogs. But that could be merely habit.

I don’t watch TV on anything – but I did buy the first season of Modern Family for it, so I’m going to make a stab at that.

I think if you don’t have a Kindle and you don’t have another Tablet the entry price is very good. If someone has the the other two this is redundant.  I think most people who want a device that really delivers or if you are used to the mulit-tasking you get out of an iPhone will might  a bit disappointed.  I hear that are in the process of adding many more apps.

I feel like for kids who don’t need a $500 dollar tablet and want to email, play Angry Birds, watch videos and read graphic novels it’s a great gift.

Taylor thinks the coolest thing about it is when you type an email it says ~

Sent From My Kindle Fire.

That seems like very little Fire for you buck if you ask me.


Typed on my Kindle Fire




Good Ole Kindle- the best for reading and much better for your eyes.


The Fire