Now that it is behind us and I stare out the window at the fall rain I can honestly say I don’t know anyone who had a smooth summer this year.


Sep 8, 2011by tracey Comments


Now that it is behind us and I stare out the window at the fall rain I can honestly say I don’t know anyone who had a smooth summer this year.

There is no question our fragile economy, Europe’s crumbling one, the uncertainty of our future on so many levels has added to the stress.  The continuous loss of jobs, large death toll in Afghanistan and the riots of London do not make watching the news cheery or give people much hope these last three months.

We watched political infighting that made the most optimistic wonder who is and who will mind the store. Our country is being run by the gang who couldn’t shoot anything, much less straight –  and this was supposed to be our hope.

If anyone watched the GOP debate last night, it looked like auditions for a remake of Howdy Doody.  No promise there.

Loss of any leadership makes even the most stoic nervous.

We seem to roll from one natural disaster to another, earthquakes, Texas frying, Vermont under water, hurricanes in NY???? It’s been like bad set of waves that keeps rolling up on our shores.

And then there is the personal, I do not know one person, and I mean that, who has not been faced with some sort of  difficult situation this summer.

It starts with death, I alone lost two friends under fifty this summer, goes to sickness, relationships that have fallen apart, financial woes, it is rather endless. Every other call or email announces another problem a family or individual is coping with.

I will not give the laundry list of my families fraught summer. Like everyone we faced our share of challenges.  I would say the most important thing about our family is our ties are strong and hopefully our health is good, I haven’t heard otherwise, but I never say it is, as I don’t like to jinx it. People say “You have your health” and channeling my grandmother I say “ You never know.”

I don’t write this to complain, not at all. Compared to what many I know are going through I have nothing to complain about.

I am writing it because Glenn said this morning, you have to stop posting photos of flowers and sunsets and go back and talk about what counts, you’re not being honest and you’re not being interesting. And I know that to be true. It is one of the reasons I have pulled back on postings.   Though I find the people who post endless photos of flowers and fancy drinks and pictures of their homes get lots of hits!

Summer like New Year’s is considered to be a time of joy.  People like don’t’ like to admit it wasn’t all sandy days and SMORES over the grill. So people tend to stay quiet and keep it all to themselves.  This only makes them feel more isolated, lonely and often times like they have been singled out and the rest of the world is skating  or surfing by as the case may be. I know when I say, “Boy has this been a long, trying summer” whoever I have said it to, chimes in with  “You aren’t’ kidding” and then the proverbial flood gates open and real life experieicnces are shared.

So whoever you are, whatever you are or have been going through, you are not alone.  If you are holding it in, call a friend, have a coffee and let it rip.

Today I leave you with the words of Amma the Hugging Saint. I love Amma.

Nature’s Example

How easily nature overcomes every obstacle.

The tiny ant walks over the stone.

The roots of the tree embrace the rocks in the soil.

The river flows around every log and  boulder in its way.

Like Nature, we should adapt to life’s circumstances, overcoming them with patience and enthusiasm.