There is a saying with clothing that if you haven’t worn it in two years you never will. I decided today that is often true with electronic devices.


Sep 25, 2011by tracey Comments


There is a saying with clothing that if you haven’t worn it in two years you never will. I decided today that is often true with electronic devices.

I pride myself on somehow making order out of physical chaos. As anyone who has read this blog knows I am obsessed with The Container Store. I try to live by the rule everything has its place and unless it’s in use it should be in that place.  So how did our charger situation get so out of control?

I will tell you how when it comes to electronics, (because up until recently they scared me to death) I always thought I would someday need each and every piece that came in each and every box.

So untrue to my basic nature I have kept way too many weird, wirey things for far too long.

One family of four, accumulating I would say an average to sometimes above average amount of devices over the last ten years equals a lot of cords. Many of which are still in plastic four years later. Of course by then the phone, Gameboy, DVD player or camera has become lost or obsolete. But I keep holding on even if don’t know what it is.

For instance I’ve always wanted to know, what is that two pronged connector with the different colors on each end that comes with so many things? I have never opened one much less used one.

So they have been growing over time.   I keep each box for six months in case the main item breaks and needs to be returned. And then you need to have all those little pieces, the earphones that come with Blackberries nobody every uses, the above mentioned two pronged whatever it may be and the endless USB cables that seem to come with everything and fit in nothing.

For the last few weeks I have been on one of my cleanathons and this morning I decided the time had come to attack the chargers before they attacked me.

I checked with every one in the family and they all seem to have their little bag of essential chargers and uploaders. I played hard ball, if we hadn’t used it in two years and/or didn’t know what it went to or was ~ out it went.

It felt great.  You might want to try it.

This is what it had come to.


I think some might multiply on their own. Charger sex.


This is a Poloroid Printer they made for one year. It was so bad. It made tiny little stickers out of your photos that didn't work. After about three months you couldn't get the paper. I kept it!
I'm very loyal to all things Apple. I think one of these iPod cords goes back to the first generation iPod. I threw it out, it might be a collectors item.



I actually untangled and looked at every item. Lucky I did I found two back up drives, one with the photos from my 50th birthday I had lost and an extra working mouse that Glenn needed today.
This is more like me, a back up drive, marked with its cable, in its own bag.
Three hours and six Tili Bags later.....
Order returns.
New charging device. No cords. Charges an IPhone, Blackberry, regular cell phone and iPad all at the same time!