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Aug 29, 2011by tracey Comments


First off I want to thank everyone who sent messages of concern about our well-being. We made it through Irene.

I feel terrible about those who didn’t and who lost their homes or suffered terrible damage, being from California I have never really experienced a hurricane. Though now that we have had an earth quake here…oh never mind….

This is what I know; we went to sleep after watching the news with all the doomsday predictions. Several people on Facebook said we were insane to be there. Glenn said it would be a little nothing, his go to position.

My friend Amanda Hesser put up on her status that the police came and told them to leave and they said the house has been her for 80 years it’s not going anywhere, we’re making flank steak sandwiches. Now if that cop had been smart and knew who Amanda was he should have stuck around for some of her flank steak.

So I shut of CNN around eleven, the rain had started, but it wasn’t much to speak of. In the middle of the might I heard it pounding on the roof, but went back to sleep.

We woke up and Glenn still the eternal optimist said the worst is over. We sat in bed from seven to ten watching the reports and the devastation. I will say the wind was pretty fierce, but honestly it did not seem worse than other heavy windstorms on the East End of Long Island.

I will say I entered the land of smug to keep him company, we decided the worst was over and if we hadn’t lost our power yet we weren’t going to –  losing power is always the biggest fear, that and having a two hundred year old tree crash through your roof.

When I looked out the window there were leaves, but most of the garden was in tact.

Then at ten am, the power shut off. Now I have been in power outages out there before, they can last up to five or six days. You just don’t’ want the power going out.

But in the beginning it has a certain excitement, the kids liked it, it was still light out. OK we couldn’t use our computers or the toaster or watch the news reports, but we were all cozied in.

It got old by about four or five. We played a competitive game of Scrabble. We ate omelets made from eggs from Martha Stewart’s garden she had brought the night before, those were amazing.

I was going to clean the closets, but then our friends Harper and Marianna came over and by then the storm were over.

So we took a drive, still no power, and cell phone use was drifting away, the landlines ran out of juice around three.

We decided to drive around and see what was up.  It was more like what was down, trees, trees and trees. We were really lucky, but from the looks of the trees and Harper’s predictions it seemed like we might be without power for days.

I started worrying about the fridge around six.

We ate dinner before the sun went down so we could see.

It really started losing its Lincolnesque charm around eight.

We really could not read by flashlights, I don’t know how all those people read and wrote by candles.

Have you ever tried reading by a Diptique Figue candle?

At eight thirty we went to sleep, we were up at six, sun was shining, birds were singing, power was still not on.

I won’t bore you with all the details, but by noon we were on the road and headed for New York.

I was coming in here anyway tomorrow and Taylor was coming in today, Glenn and Lucy decided to drive us.

We just heard the power is now on, so it was a good 36 hours, not four days, but long enough for everything in the fridge to go bad. Part of me thinks being disconnected is good, the other part kept reaching for the light switch every five minutes.

Outside our house before the storm.
After Irene - not so bad.


They came in to remove the fallen branches.
Passing the powerless time.
Scrabble with Glenn.
New Town Lane in East Hampton hours after Irene swept through.
Trees were down everywhere.
Montauk HIghway
Somebody wasn't thinking about where they parked
This tree fell in front of Glenn's Store