As the nice man sitting next to me on the plane just said "Why would anyone waste anymore ink on Charlie Sheen?" I informed him since it was a blog it wasn't actual ink. He said that made sense but to tell you all not to print it up. While I tend to agree with him on both the printing and the what else is there to say, I do have one thing that has been gnawing at me for days.


Mar 7, 2011by tracey Comments

As the nice man sitting next to me on the plane just said “Why would anyone waste anymore ink on Charlie Sheen?”   I informed him since it was a blog it wasn’t actual  ink. He said  that made sense but to tell you all not to print it up.  While I tend to agree with him on both the printing and the what else is there to say, I do have one thing that has been gnawing at me for days.

We all know the details and many have been watching the carryings on as we tend to love train wrecks and this is one on a major scale. It  has  a high drama, sleaze factor that too many – including myself  find irresistible.

And truth be told every generation has their Charlie Sheens;  the famous, talented ones for whom indulgence and self- destruction seem to be the only life-style choice they are capable of making.  How is Charlie really different than Fatty Arbuckle, John Belushi or Jimi Hendrix?  You can argue talent sure, but he does have a talent.  Go re-watch Platoon, this guy is not a member of  The Jersey Shore.

And then of course there is the difference in being on a downward spiral while the whole world can watch in real time.   In Fatty Arbuckle’s day there were legions of PR people, agents and studios that could keep things out of the public eye since things were not going out to the world the second they were happening.

But what gets to me about Charlie, and this is one of my major issues with the sexist, self-interested, money grubbing high level Hollywood players ~ they let this go on for decades.  What I mean by “this” is  OK, he is a drug addict, there are many out there. OK, he is unfaithful – he is far from the first.   He is a loud mouth, unedited, megalomaniacal and unquestionably deeply disturbed soul.  Though the one thing I like about him, is he does own all of this.  In one statement last week he said in reference to his producers and the networks and the people who have been paying him millions and millions of dollars, “Who did they think they were giving the money to?”  “What did they think I would do with it?”

I like him for that bit of self-knowledge. But,  what I hate about him is he has been brutalizing women for as long as anyone can remember. He has attacked, threatened to attack, had restraining order after restraining order issued, as he has put knives to throats, hands around necks, stabbed with forks,  socked, punched, locked in closets, woman after woman.

Be they his wives, his hookers or his porn stars, he is an equal opportunity abuser.  And this did not seem to bother anyone at the network,  the production companies or it appears his handlers.  What I do know is he has never stopped his hideous physical attacks against the women he comes in contact with and all Hollywood did was raise his salary.  How many times have we heard “Charlie Sheen the highest paid actor in televisions history?”  No one ever said this is a really bad role model. This is a guy who not only does crack and owns it, but travels with porn stars and his kids together, then beats them up with the kids in the next room.

Two weeks ago he threatened his last ex-wife with chopping off her head and mailing it to her parents in a hat box, then went down the hall to his porn star. He has been publicly and proudly living with two porn stars, both with  drug records of the their own and letting them help raise his kids. And this did not cause anyone at CBS or the producers to do anything? I’m sure they lost some night’s sleep.  I’m imagine there were many emergency meetings  in $35,000,000 mansions that being a part of the Charlie show had paid for. But nobody said “We have to put a stop to this.”

It was not until he called the executive producer Chuck Lorre by his Jewish name that they decided enough was enough. Now I can say this as I’m a Jew, (so it won’t sound anti-Semitic) verbal racial slurring is not alright under any circumstances, but beating up women on a consistent basis is far worse. Brutality against women and threatening to kill and attempts  to do so are far worse.

If calling a producer a Jew in Hollywood was a crime many would be in jail. They all call each other Jews, while they are trying to appeal to middle America and keep Jews out of their prime time spots.  It is a very confused town in terms of religion. It’s run by Jews and yet there is a level of self-loathing or at least  a code of we can observe but not announce.  I have had producers  tell me to take out the Jewish last names in scripts and replace them with “normal names” just as they were about to take off for the High Holidays.

But Chuck Lorre is a big boy:  He has been at this for decades as well. He has handled and wrangled many a difficult star.    I find it shocking that he could tolerate Charlie’s other beyond not ready for prime time behavior, but his calling him  Jew was what brought the billion dollar house they all built crumbling down. If he were a real man he could have thrown his cards on the table and played a game of high stakes Lenny Bruce and called Charlie a spick, crack head.  I think Charlie had that coming. I think it would have been an appropriate retort. I think Charlie would have quite liked it, it would have given him something to Tweet about.

It’s not the canceling of the show that bothers me, I think they should have done that years ago.  I don’t think that with every  new exhibition of out of control, hideous, law breaking act he should have been rewarded with a raise to get him to the point where he was the “highest paid person in TV history.”  I don’t think they should have taken advantage of what is clearly a disease and made that the basis for his character on the show. I think by making that remark the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back all they were doing was saying the other stuff was sort of a OK,  but now he has gone too far.  They were saying that women are not  only second or third class citizens,  but the public beating and humiliation of them is nothing to get worked up about.  OK,  some were prostitutes and porn stars but that does not mean they should have to lock themselves in the closet because an out of control,  mid-four-day  bender Charlie is coming at them with a steak knife. And  two of them are the mother of his children who he continues to threaten and harass.  How is this OK, but calling a Jewish man a Jew is not?????

Take it from a woman, a Jew and someone who has produced TV shows,  I would rather be called a Jew any day than I would run for my life.  But he didn’t threaten to kill the men, and from the sounds of the show, (which I have never watched) it had it’s own currents of misogyny running through it,  as do so many things on the air and the screen today.

I feel sorry for those women, I feel sorry for those kids, I feel sorry for the behind the scenes guys who lost their jobs. I don’t feel sorry for the network or Chuck Lorre who has banked tens of millions by playing off Mr. Sheen’s antics. I can’t stand the fact what he couldn’t take was someone picking on him, not Charlie terrorizing women.  Shame on all of them.

I think if I were Chuck Lorre and I didn't want to be Jewish I might have fixed my nose at the same time I changed my name. Mind you this remark is being made by someone who has had their nose fixed and whose family changed their name from Hoffman to Jackson.
Carlos Irwin Estevez....Irwin???????