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I can’t believe it’s already Thursday and I haven’t even written about last weekend in the Bay Area. I landed in SF a week ago tomorrow. I’m so not an awesome Charlie Sheenesque, tiger blooded, rock star, if I  were I would have blogged this while I was doing it.

I got to San Francisco and pretty much crashed. Must have needed tiger blood.

I spent the first fourteen hours here, and no, no porn stars a la Charlie. Just me, my iPad, my laptop, my Kindle . Awesome. I was high on my own sleep deprivation. That is a bitchen place to be.

I have to admit that I was very lax on the photos in SF. I don’t know what happened. I did all sorts of great stuff and would then get in the car and go “Oh no, I forgot to take photos.”

My friends, the writer Peter Manso and his wife Anna Avellar who is a world authority on whales gave me a wonderful book reading at their Berkeley Hills home. The turnout was huge. I decided to read the sex chapter as I figured Berkeley was the one place in the country I could get away with it. I asked them both before and they said “Go For It.”

Manso's Living Room

I was so happy to see my old friend Lydia- Emmett Winkler who showed up with her husband Gar. My Laguna friends have been so supportive.

Fourth Grade friend Tracy Hammister showed up. I am always so happy to see her.

My cousin Lorraine Fox drove in from Palo Alto we got to grab lunch together and catch up before the reading.

This mother and daughter were so enthusiastic and engaged. I have forgotten their names, but Anna will fill us in in the comments section so they are properly identified.

I feel awful, beyond awful, I have no photo of the divine Anna. I have no photos of us together, or me in their house Now she has some and I will post those when I get them, but I wanted to write this while it was all still fresh.

As if the book party wasn’t enough, Anna and Peter took me to Chez Panisse for dinner. Now I have always wanted to go there and never have. And since I was solo they arranged a dinner companion for me, the charming Jeremy Larner who won an Oscar for The Candidate is now writing poetry and living in Berkely.  I don’t have a photo of him either, endless random people on the streets, but none of the people I should.

On top of which, this is why I clearly need some tiger blood ~ I don’t have photos of the food. Which is doubly bad as blog follower Peter Stern wrote me and said, ” We keep seeing hotel rooms and books, but not food.”  He probably said it better as he says things well, but being low on the tiger blood I’m not at the top of my game here. Anyway, I promised him I would start photographing meals. Now what better place than Chez Panisse? But the  conversation was so lively, and we were all talking over and around each other, and then I realized… Well, I will call this series,  “Dinner for four at Chez Panisse”

So, there you have it, my dinner at Chez Panisse. You can tell we all hated it.

Super host and Brando biographer Peter Manso.

By the time we left the table it was going on midnight. I had to get back to the city and be up for an eight o’clock pick up to go do KRON 4 News Weekend. With a lovely man called Henry whose last name I have also forgotten, This fifty with little sleep and no tiger blood does terrible things to the memory.

This is Ellen who escorted me around the city for the three days I was there. This is a local TV station very early on a Sunday morning.

I was done and back at my hotel by nine, with a whole day in front of me. I worked for much of it, but then I decided I had to get out so I headed over to the Ferry Building. Lucy calls me Mommy Salami, she told me to go get a salami sandwich to remind me of her. I  did exactly that.

The Ferry Building is a great place to eat and kill time.

Found a great new coffee. It’s not Stumptown but it is really good.

I wandered outside.

Very SF.

That evening I gave a reading at Book Passage in Corte Madera. I of course failed to get photos there too. I did get this display in the store. I thought it was very well done.

At this point I totally needed some tiger blood. I knew I had to be up again at the crack of dawn and on a plane.

FYI  ~ This was Charlie’s Tweet several hours ago

“I’ve been informed me that #Plan Better is rated a major success! thank u all! like my dear friend Gnarls Gnarlington says,#WINNING!”

Got to love him…or something….

But  now I will leave you with this little bit of San Francisco street life.