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Mar 5, 2011by tracey Comments

Okay, so tonight I had several blog choices to put up. I  have been working on my take on the whole Charlie Sheen thing. I know – I know how much ink  should be spent on this? But I have an opinion, and  I want to share it. I actually like it enough I’m sending it into Huffpo too. I also have a wonderful DOC TALK I did last week in LA with Dr. Edward Liu MD, one of my all time favorite doctors where we talk about sex and it’s ~ well, you will just have to wait and see.  And then I realized I still hadn’t written about my most amazing time down in DC this week.  I did an event with Sally Quinn at the historic Sixth and I Synagogue. I was sort of feeling like you guys had heard enough about my book and book tour for the time being, so I figured I might just post it with something next week from Atlanta.  But I did want to give Sally some time here on the page and it was a great, great night.

And then today I did CNN and managed not to look into the camera for the entire interview, I had a few funny thoughts about that as well.

I think about you guys and this blog for a good portion of my day.

But then, tonight at dinner I heard a story, and I knew what I had to blog.

We were having a lovely dinner, the four of us. Taylor is here for the weekend and is heading off  tomorrow to spend her spring break week in California with her dad. So we all went out for a special dinner. We were all dressed up and having a lovely time. No photos, my purse wasn’t’ big enough for a camera and I wanted it to be just for us.

And then at one point amongst the laughter, chatter and forks into other plates, Glenn said “Did you hear about Big Frank?”  “No what’s up with him?” I said while sneaking a bite of  Lucy’s pasta.

Now “Big Frank” is one of the doormen here in our building.  He has been here as long as I can remember.  He is as his name suggests a big guy:  Alright I have to be honest and admit Big Frank did not get his name by accident, he is  one of the two thirds of Americans who would have to put into the obese category.  But he is a jovial guy, always with a smile. He loves to read,  mysteries especially. He wanted to write a film script. I gave him a copy of Blake’s book Save The Cat. I also spent some time talking to him about story structure and what kinds of films sell these days.  Sometimes I must admit, like all of us I was in a rush and would say “Hey. Frank how’s it going?”  as I rushed past on my way home from the gym, mouth full of oatmeal.

Glenn said,  “He’s dying, not coming back. Diagnosed last week with colon cancer. He has two months max.”


Needless to say this put more than a damper on the evening.

I came home and asked the Doorman on duty what he knew, Apparently Frank had not been feeling well for six months.  All the guys around here begged him to get a check up. They have a strong union with good health insurance. He has worked here for over a decade.  The tests he needed would have been covered. He was having stomach problems, quite bad I guess. He refused to go in and have it checked.

Big Frank is 46 years old. Too young for a routine colonoscopy,  but surely not too young for one  if the doctors had suspected something was not right.

He waited far too long, too long in this case being months.

Big Frank will be gone before his 47th birthday.

I came home from dinner and checked again to see how many people had actually watched Blair Lewis, only  50. Not nearly enough. Hundreds of people read this blog daily. I know people don’t like to think or talk about this. I have one of the top guys in NY ~ he is a pioneer in gastroenterology.  He took ten minutes out of his busy day because he is passionate about this and knows it can be a matter of life and death.  Between his time, my time, Greg Lee’s time who edits these for me we really wanted to help people. Big Frank’s story only underscores how vitally important this information is.  I am sad his situation is the catalyst for my posting this one more time.

But a bloggers got to do what a bloggers got to do…..


I’m going to miss Big Frank,many will and it didn’t have to turn out this way.