Feb 18, 2011by tracey Comments

Got you to open it!

I know some people might want to hear about this week, but I swear to God and you may find this hard to believe even I cannot talk about myself or my book anymore for a few days.

I am talked out, pressed out, promoted out, at least until Monday when I hit the road. But suffice to say, there were two swell book parties, photos later, and so many interviews…oh forget it.. I’m doing it….

What I want to talk about tonight is Sharon Savino. Sharon is my dental hygienist and has been for twelve years.  In the beginning I found her to be really annoying. I mean she is a nice woman, pretty and bright and all that but she can be a real nag.  OK it’s her job, and for many years I was not the most compliant of patients. I wouldn’t go in enough; enough for Sharon is every three months on the month and don’t you skip one and make it four.  In my forties I would go in once a year. Once I actually  didn’t go for 18 months, my time flies from teeth cleaning to teeth cleaning. And I could never clear the flossing bar that Sharon has raised oh-so-high.  Admittedly I am not a great flosser.  But for Sharon no amount of flossing is enough. I swear I could hire a personal flosser who would follow me around all day and floss my teeth after every sentence and Sharon would say, “And what about when you’re sleeping?”
I never feel I can meet her expectations.

But as we both got older, we started talking more about the things going on in our lives and I found her to be good company and if I kept her talking about her kids and her life, that left less time to ask about my shoddy flossing habits.

I then started actually going in more and then it got easier and she did lighten up and before you know it, I was in there every three months and we would have good, girly chats.

Being the slightly needy character I am I always ask her “ Aren’t doing better? Aren’t you proud of me?” Inevitably she says,  “It’s not as bad as it was, but you really need to floss more.”

50 @50 today presents  Sharon Savino.

And to make her happy when you finish watching go in and floss.
She really is a very nice woman: And she is not talking about teeth, but life.